August 20, 2012

over the moon for maroon (& giveaway winner!)

sweating this sultery color lately, esp after seeing this post.
i just want to scoop up all things maroon...
& doesnt hurt that my little brother is an aggie :)

{lovely corduroys}
{a sparkly clutch}
{beautiful maxi}
 {a thin, button-at-the-neck pullover}
 {the perfect fitting blazer}
 {this buttery smooth leather over-the-shoulder bag}
{maroon lips}
 all photos via

& im excited to announce that lulu has won my first ever giveaway.
thank you all for entering & for following my blog.
i will surely be hosting another giveaway soon  :)

lulu- i have e-mailed you to receive your shipping address!!


Lulu said...

Yay!!!Thank you!!
Great autumn color, by the way.

Miss Molly said...

definitely one of my favs!

love this inspiration!

coco said...


Vanessa said...

Great pics hun, and I'm happy to announce that YOU'VE won my giveaway LOL!!!

Send me an email with your details for postage -

Yay! :-)

Vanessa x