January 27, 2012

in a hairy situation

hi girls (and guys...if there are any reading this!) ,

i am in a pickle.

i need to decide how to style my hair and makeup for my wedding day which is right around the corner (feb. 14!), since i will be doing them myself.

my dress is a maxi, one shoulder slinky gown, very simple, very comfortable.
i really like the look of the side, low ponytail, as pictured below with my dress:
but i think a grecian-inspired updo would be fitting as well, like these:

which one is your favorite? suggestions are welcomed!  :)

make me over

my blog is begging for a facelift.
i widened the middle column, if you can even tell, (if there is a problem with my blog fitting into your computer screen, let me know- im new to this whole html editing thing) and i added a bloglovin' button on the lefthand side. i think i also want to change my header, like make it more sophisticated and narrow and add an 'about me' page. i will surely need to research how to do this...it doesnt seem simple. if anyone has blog makeover suggestions, i would love to hear!

January 21, 2012


after sleeping in till 1 pm today, i woke up and whipped up breakfast lunch of toasted tortillas with chicken, black beans, corn, spinach and cheese. it was really tasty but the tortillas definetly did not stay in-tact so it was kind of really messy.
oh well...you live, you learn. it made for some laughs.

im hitting up the gym later on to work on my arms. gotta get these babies in shape, seeing as im going to wear a one-sleeved wedding dress  :) im glad i finally hopped on the workout boat, i feel like i can really tighten up my body in time for summer (and thailand!). but its not only about working out, its about eating healthier. in smaller portions and more frequently. just wanted to share some of the yummy salads i have been indulging in :

one of my favorites: cucumber, tomato, hard boiled egg, carrot, feta cheese, turkey, roasted sunflower seeds, onion and red wine vinegrette
inspired by this. avacado, tomato, baby greens, turkey and feta with red wine vinegrette
baby greens with spinach, turkey, tomato, onion, rockfort cheese and red wine vinegrette
snacks for a long day of work + school: strawberries, yogurt, an apple with a spoonful of chunky peanut butter, a pear and carrots
also! dekels wedding band arrived and its a beautiful dark titanium band. plus my engagement ring finally arrived and i couldnt be more happy. its perfect!
also! i wanted to share a super cute up-do i succeeded in recreating. inspired by this twisted pony, but i made it a little bun & i got so many compliments on it.
 also! my bestie just got back from a way cool adventure from new york for christmas and canada for new years and she sent me a HOT v-day card & picked me up a little present.
 feather earrings made from reused bicycle tire rubber. how cool?! thank you, dandi!!!

January 20, 2012

checked off my list

wedding trip to cyprus booked.
amazing wedding photographer scheduled.
wedding dress arrived.
flower crown ordered.
healthy dieting begun.
homework submitted.
french passport requested.

in short, its been a very productive week!

this weekend will be spent studying financial management (gag), cuddling & catching up on some favorite tv series, we just started alcatraz & its already amazing!!!

January 15, 2012

ol' greg

this past rainy weekend, boyfriend and i pulled ourselves out of bed at 11 and were immediatly struck by hunger. we decided to throw on some clothes and hop over to cafe greg in afula for some breakfast and conversation. dekel is so cute, on the drive over he was like "i like when we go to breakfast, it means we talk about our future." awww! but hes so right, we find ourselves talking and getting wound up in our near future plans. but, i honestly feel like we have found a great balance of living in the now and looking forward to the future, which i think is really important. i really need to have things to look forward to, im sure everyone can relate. it helps me get through the weeks months without family and best friends around. but dekel and i also take time to go on weekly dates and talk about our current situations, which i find keeps me grounded. i have found my match  =)

at cafe greg
 breakfast with a side of an amazing view
 my wedding band + sally hansen nail stickers. love them.
 cappuccinos + fresh red grapefruit juice
{not pictured: breakfast; we were too hungry to snap shots}
 strawberry banana milkshake for dessert
 a super sweet care package from my pen pal!!!
 opi 'you dont know jacques!' & zoya 'noel'
 i am so excited to try this crushed raspberry fruit smoothie masque! & how cute are the mini m&m's!!!
 yummy scents to try out. i really love dnky's 'pure'

anait, i am preparing your "care package" now...this is fun!

January 14, 2012

wedding on the brain

i am not a girl who has planned or even thought about my wedding since i was little. actaully, up until recently i didnt even see the need to get married. im just one of those who doesnt think a piece of paper can bound anyone to staying together forever, i think its up to the people in the relationship. however, circumstances change and unfortunatly, in our society, being married simplifies things. so were gettin' hitched! i have been engaged for only one week, but we plan on marrying within one month (feb. 14th to be exact) so i need to narrow down some things that i see important for our special day. i have to find a dress, accessories and make some decisions. i am not frantic about it, but i will probably order a dress from the states which will take 2 weeks to get here and if it will need alterations then thats another few days. so i need to get on it and order it, like now. i have decided i want a grecian style, maxi dress. something simple that i can dress up with a pretty flower crown. i will wear my hair down, wavy and natural and i will do my own make up and i apply it as i normally do. i want dekel to recognize me, plus i hate a bride who has overdone it. with my maxi dress i will wear nude pumps left over from my best friend molly's wedding and i will bring some cute sandals to wear on the beach afterward.

here is some of my wedding inspiration, if you will:
wedding photos
 flower crowns
wildflower wedding bouquet
 maxi dresses or skirt + top combinations

January 12, 2012

pops of pale pink

i would love to own this blouse:
& wear it with these babies:

he put a ring on it

so...i got engaged this past weekend! 
im like so akward about it because im not like screaming from the rooftops and i feel like im not enthusiastic enough. it has nothing to do with how much i love dekel, because im madly in love with him. the thing is that we had talked about getting married before so i knew it was coming. i just didnt know when or where. i didnt even know he would actually ask me to marry him, since we had already talked about it and agreed it was something we would do in the near future. but it was so sweet and he totally caught me off-guard and im so happy. we are so happy. we plan on flying to a nearby greek island called cyprus to marry in a civil ceremony and then celebrating with friends and family in israel and then again in dallas when we move back next year.

some photos to document a special day to us:

random wild horse & a beautiful sunrise
 fog on the way to the hermon mountain
pretty pine needles
playing in the snow
 nervous to go on the ski lift. i had no idea a proposal was to come!
 riding up in the freezing cold with winds of like 100 mph
warming up & enjoying hot chocolate after he proposed
the simple, yet gorgeous wedding band

January 5, 2012

my weekend will consist of...

i think i will make these "my weekend will consist of..." posts a permanent thing. it has a cute ring to it & it motivates me to try new things over the weekend 1 day i have off from school / work. last weekends attempt at a two-toned mani was a flop, i dont have that pretty, glittery maroon nail polish- so i tired with gold and it looked terrible. plus i was antsy & didnt wait for the 2 coats of black to dry before putting tape on my fingers so when i removed the tape, some of the polish smudged. im thinking tape is not the way to go...maybe i need to try a sticky post-it instead. 
any other ideas?

but on the other hand, the southwestern eggrolls that i we tried turned out so yummy! as i have complained about before, they dont have mexican food in israel, meaning...i was shit outta luck when trying to find "mexican blend cheese," so i used feta and parmesean instead. also i could not find eggroll or wonton wrappers at the grocery store (seriously the asian foods section is not even a shelf!) so i picked up rice papers which i figured could be substituted. its not that they didnt work, but my "eggrolls" turned out paper thin and the taste came only from the filling, there was no real 'crunch' to the eggroll. but the product was flavorful with a kick, we even made salad with the leftover filling the next day and added chicken. yum! highly suggested. the avacado ranch wasnt bad either, buttermilk doesnt exist here so i googled how to make it at home and it was easy: 1 cup milk + teaspoon lemon juice. weird, huh? 

anyways, so this weekend my weekend will consist of...

                                               mixing & applying this:

                             whipping up & rubbing this all over my body:
                         giving & receiving (hopefully!) one of these:
visiting here:
& last, but not least, celebrating my baby's birthday!

happy weekend!