August 30, 2011

brain food

or food on the brain.

i am craving sweets like crazy lately. ive been trying to eat healthier and this leads to temptations and cravings, at least in my case. and my cravings mostly revolve around decident, over-the-top, only buyable sweet treats.

this is what i would shove in my mouth right now:
no bake chocolate chip cookie dough bites
 chocolate covered raspberry truffles
nutella cream puffs

have you heard of fancy? check it out, i found it through the glamourai & already signed up and in and it's like a cool overload.

...but it doesnt help my food cravings =)

August 27, 2011

an end to a great weekend

this weekend has been fantastic! it started out thursday night with a quick trip for some frozen yogurt with all the right toppings, then relaxing at home with some wine and my boy. friday after class, we hit up the beach with some friends and played in the waves. the water was not even cold, it felt so nice and the weather couldnt be better. i love the beach here. friday night we double dated to see "bad teacher." anyone seen it? it was pretty cute. it was kinda weird to see cameron diaz play such a different role. anyways, today i have been studying, in between tv watching breaks. i have marketing journal summaries due next week and a business with japan case study to read. oh, and not to mention a managerial economics assignment. fun stuff! no but really, i am enjoying my studies and cant believe that in one month we will already be completeing the 2nd semester. also in 1 month from today i will be on a plane with my man to visit home!! can't wait to see family & friends and do "dallas-y things," like hang out on greenville, shop at northpark, go to traders village in grand prarie, hit up addison. but most of all, i cant wait for the times when we will just be hanging out with friends & family, like at my grandparents house, or friends houses. those are the best!

can you tell im excited and dreaming about it already?  =)

anyways, i would like to share some pics from my weekend,
if you would like to see...
yummy frozen yogurt with amazing toppings. mine had kiwi, click (its like these little crunchy chocolate balls), coconut flakes, wafer rolls with chocolate filling & drizzled chocolate to top it off. dekel likes to keep it simple (and somewhat healthy) with melon and granola.
 our day at the beach

hope you are having an amazing weekend as well. back to work for me tomorrow, but my week starts off equally great with a breakfast date with my dad in the morning.

August 21, 2011

rockies, baby!

browsing online, i found this super hot rockies-themed skirt and i immediatly went to work creating a possible oufit in my head in paint. i wanted to let the skirt shout for itself and layer on the bracelets for a full-on arm party. i know its kinda risky to mix & match prints, but i am really diggin' this look and think i would have the guts to actually sport it. now only if i could dish out $150+  ...but im saving my funds for my trip to texas (and mexico!!) in 37 days !!! woo hoo!

love or hate?

1. Cotton Spandex Jersey Strapless Ruched Bodysuit - $63
(for 3 bodysuits)
2. Topshop Rockies Becky Skirt by Motel- £32.00
3. Forever 21 Filigree Hinge Bracelet- $6.80
4. Forever 21 Pearlescent Bracelet Set- $6.80
5. Forever 21 Pyramid Stretchy Bracelet - $3.80
6. Forever 21 Two Tone Bracelet - $5.80
7. Topshop SLINK Black Suede Faux Snakeskin T-bar Cut Out Platform Sandals - £78.00

August 20, 2011

from day to night

i shopped at zara a few weeks ago & immediatly posted about this sparkly new sweater, but i never featured the skirt i got. its a maxi, which i am in love with. which i could wear everyday, all day. its slinky and soft, versitile and comfortable. it may seem boring in black, but that just makes it more slimming, i seriously love it! this skirt can easily be taken from day to night.
let me show you what i think works:

from day
to night
yes, there was a fan involved in this photoshoot.
it was hot, ok!?

another segment of readers choice!
i've missed your opinions =)

which look do you like best?

August 17, 2011

one picture


* it was somewhat akward looking for a photo of myself for this last challenge, even though i post photos of myself on here all the time....dont know why, so i opted for my facebook photo which has been my profile pic for some time. this photo was taken last june when one of my best friends was here visiting me and we went out to a club. my friend are i are not ones to party balls, but here in israel parties dont even begin until midnight or later, so we took an extra long time to get ready and drank some vodka, red bull while passing time and we ended up having a blast partying.
i really miss her.

** on another note...i have officially completed the 10-day challenge, even though it took me a month! (you can find my first challenge post herenow back to regular-life posting. hope you enjoyed my picks & if you challenged yourself, please leave your link, i would love to come read  =)

two songs

up next : one picture of myself

August 14, 2011

three films

1. sliding doors- i have watched this movie too many times to count. it always makes you think "what if i had missed the train"
2. vicky christina barcelona- love everything about this movie! 
the music, the scenery, the inner conflict, their accents.
3. elf - i could recite every line.
its hilarious & makes me nostalgic for holidays and family.
up next : two songs

August 10, 2011

four books

1. the jolly postman- i received this book in the 3rd grade from my teacher, as a going away gift when my family moved to israel.
i loved and cherished this book.
2. a light in the attic- also a book from elementary school which i loved and was inspired by.
3. the giving tree- this book sparked so much emotion in me as a child. it made me try to be less greedy and more appreciative of what life gives you.
4. chelsea handler books- i love her short stories
& i love laughing out loud while reading

next up : three films

August 7, 2011

starting the week off right

* i have not completed my blogger challenge yet; i am stuck trying to pick my 4 books.
i WILL complete this challenge.....but in the meantime......

i started my week off right with a fun dress. this dress is from marshalls, believe it or not, and cost like $15. its an amazing article of cloting in the fact that it IS an outfit in itself, just throw on a pair of sandals and you're done. it has a back cutout, which is eye-catching. it has pockets! and loose sleeves. and the pattern rocks. in other words, i love this dress and slipped it on sunday morning to kick off my week. i originally wore my hair down and wavy, but this sweet girl at work gave me a one minute updo. seriously it took her 1 minute to put my hair up and she used only bobby pins. i was impressed.

how will you start your week off?

August 6, 2011

date night

lately, dekel and i have been finding our date nights redundant. either we go to the same places or order the same cocktail. the conversation is always entertaining and since we have our trip coming up, we have lots to talk about and look forward to. but living in the northern part of israel, the pubs / restaurants are scattered and driving is not something either of us enjoys. ramat yishay is a neighborhood 10 minutes away from where we live, in tel adashim, and lo and behold a new wine bar open up. i met a friend there monday evening (she suggested the place) and after enjoying the atmosphere (and the wine!), i knew this was an optional new date spot.

so, dekel and i dressed up & went there last night (i forgot the name of the place) and ordered a bottle of gew├╝rztraminer. the place is mellow with patio seating and a chef who comes to your table himself to tell you about the specials. we came with full bellies after shabbat dinner, but the wine hit the spot.
here are some photos from friday night:

dekel acting like he hates pictures. in actuality, he always asks me to take photos of him after its my turn with the photoshoots :)
the most comfortable dress i own. i bought it last summer at marshalls in dallas and wore it to my best friends wedding rehersal. it has great sentimental value.
 i got a little red after spending 2 hours at the beach after friday mornings class. i love that summer sun!
 bad photo, but i picked up the cutest peace bracelet.
earrings that i received from my sister for my birthday last year.
chilled wine over candlelight.
 the man i love
 this is how things start to look after a bottle of wine
he was actually playing with the camera, we made sure to sober up before driving home by indulging in forzen yogurt with loaded fruity and chocolaty toppings.  =)

all in all, a fantastic date.

what did you do this weekend?