September 20, 2011

flying far

boyfriend and i will be flying far next week.
our first stop is beautiful amsterdam:
where we will inevitably hit up one of the infamous cafes 
then we are headed to good 'ol dallas, texas
where, no doubt about it, we will visit ft.worth
and college station, to visit my brother
we will surely make a trip to the state fair
and to six flags
then we planned for a 5 night stay in cozumel, mexico
all photos via google images


in other words...

i am excited beyond expression & can not wait to see my family and friends who i have not seen or hugged in over a year.

i especially can not wait to:
1. show dekel around dallas, my home, where i went to school,
favorite restaurants, etc...
2. see his reaction to all things american
3. indulge in mexican food & margaritas
4. hit up six flags & the state fair!!!
5. just lounge around with friends
6. celebrate my birthday with my traditional ice cream cake

can you tell im excited?? =)
anyways, i hope to squeeze in another post before taking off on monday night, but if not then posting will resume at the end of october when we return. i will come back with tons of photos & fun stuff to share so i hope i dont lose any readers over this 3 week break. i know it sucks when a blogger sort of just up& doesnt post for-like-ever. but bear with me! and wish me bon voyage!

September 12, 2011

fabulous fall attire

i cant believe i am saying writing this but i am ready for cooler weather to begin layering tanks under tees under sweaters under coats. what?

and how annoying! i tried everything to fit this collage onto my page without cutting the sleeves off & it simply wouldn't have it. if anyone has any collage tips, i would love to hear!

September 11, 2011

September 9, 2011

im a glitter girl

that title makes me feel like i should bust out singing "barbie girl" by aqua. anyone? anyways, i am seeing glitter everywhere & have even started incorporating it into my wardrobe and makeup, either with an accented shimmer or a touch of sparkle eyeshadow. (nothing tacky, i will not go all 7th grade on you guys)

i am also loving the glitter guide. have yall gotten on this bandwagon and checked it out? i think its too cute of a website & i love finding inspiration from there, whether its recipes, must-have trendy seasonal pieces or interviews with vip.

anyways, i pulled through my own inspirational folder to share some pretty pics with you. i am loving the thought of incorporating glitter and sparkle into my life. 

sorry, lost links :/

have a great weekend, ya'll!

September 7, 2011

me and some cows

just a quick post about what i wore this past weekend to a delishious dinner at the boyfriends family's house. and i thought to share some photos of my "backyard." i live in a village called 'tel adashim' here in israel and there are tons of cows everywhere. sometimes i just think its kinda funny.

 a beautiful necklace my bestie brought me back from her honeymoon in hawaii
 i seriously wear the hell outta these sandals.
im kinda sad to have to trade them in for boots soon...
 a tractor near my home
 the cows
 they are pretty cute

hope you guys are having a great week so far.  =)
tomorrow kicks off the beginning of the weekend & i couldn't be more excited that our trip to texas is in less than 3 weeks!!!!!!

September 2, 2011

looks i love

ponch with shorts & booties
wine colored skinnies with zipper detail & leopard print
gray/tan tones, shouldered sweater & ankle boots
daytime sparkle & leather
 crop top & bright pink and orange
belted denim shirt over a dress

what are some looks you love?

September 1, 2011

take my breath away

the view from the university of haifa is seriously breathtaking.
it amazes me everytime. when i am up on top of that mountain, i cant help but just take in israel.

click to enlarge
what are you guys up to this weekend? i have class again tomorrow and then will enjoy yummy shabbat dinner with dekel's family. saturday we will take advantage of the breakfast-for-two coupon my work gave me for my birthday this month. then we will be visiting a market near haifa to find some treasures to bring back home for my momma.

oh! wanted so see what you guys thought of this blouse i picked up today from golf. i love the pattern and the gray / navy tones with highlighter yellow mixed in. its also pretty long in length so could be worn with a tank underneath, belted, with tights as a tunic. very versitile. i picked up some bag tags as well, in anticipation of our upcoming trip!!! i think these are too cute. i remember seeing them at the container store, here, so when i found some today at golf i had to have them, even though they are not as funny as the container store versions....

 enjoy your weekend, lovlies!