October 31, 2010

wedding fever

Two days before I took off and moved to Israel, back in October 2008, I was a bridesmaid in Chelsey's wedding. She is one of my best friends and it was my first wedding to be in- it was such an honor. It was picture perfect with the bridesmaids wearing chic blue velvet GAP dresses with cute silver buckeled ballet flats. Family & friends danced the macarena, laughed, celebrated Chelsey & Zach and enjoyed loaded mashed potatos served in martini glasses =)

This past June I flew home to Dallas, Texas for a 3-week visit and planned my trip accordingly so I could be one of the Maids of Honor in Molly's wedding, another bestie. Her wedding was appropriatly southern inspired and every little detail portrayed it. The girls flaunted mint & brick red JCrew halter dresses (with pockets!), chowed down on the Dickey's BBQ buffet and for dessert chose from glazed dounuts or strawberry short cake.

My friends weddings are held close to my heart and those are times that are set in stone in my mind. On the same subject, I was so very inspired by Sterling Style's post here titled Wedding Wishlist that I decided to dive into the wedding blogs myself and poke around. I am not one to dream about getting married or my wedding day or what I will wear or what food I will serve; but the following wedding would be it. Simple, sandy, green, mellow and breath-takingly beautiful.

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October 29, 2010

falling for fall

This is my first blog collage and it was fun to collect photos of cooler weather attire I am craving- well, "cooler weather shoes" I am craving- I think I will be doing another one of these posts again soon...

1. BEA Fur Buckle Over Knee Boots in chocolate, £135.00 (~$186)
2. Forever 21 Knee High Suedette Cuff Boots, $34.80
3. ABRAHAM Spikey Heel Zip Ankle Boot, $89.65
4. ASOS Electric Blue Suade Pointed Court Shoe, $103.44
5. L.A.M.B Pier Bootie, $339.50
6. Nine West Studded Bootie in black leather, $119
7. Nine West Timeoff in army green, $179
8. Nine West Kybele, in taupe $129

October 24, 2010


Snipets of my weekend:

I clipped the survivors of a bouquet of carnations that Dekel bought me last week and stuck 'em in wine bottles to add some life around our apartment. One bottle on the kitchen table, one on the coffee table and one next to our bed.

We had such a lazy Saturday, we woke up and decided to go for a walk, then ended up taking a nap. We woke back up around dinner time and decided to head out, no makeup necessary.

We devoured delishious sandwiches from a cute little sandwich bar in Ramat Yishay:

I piled on olives, tomatoes, gouda cheese, oven roasted turkey, pesto, olive spread, baby lettuce, and onions. Needless to say my breath was amazing after!

Maintaining our weekend tradition, we played the Israeli lottery. Fingers crossed!

This is our living room

This is our living room last night when we wanted to fit on the couch together to watch Knocked Up :)

How was your weekend? How did you spend it?

October 23, 2010

new additions

I have created a few new pieces for my etsy shop here!

Let me know what you think, suggestions for improvement. I need to market myself/ the shop more as well, any ideas?

October 17, 2010

that time of the month

It's that time of the month. People have creepishly decorated for Halloween and are beginning to brainstorm for what costume to create or buy. I know it's right around the corner & I wish I was in the states to celebrate this holiday with friends at a themed party or with family by handing out treats to trick-or-treaters.

In Israel, we celebrate Purim, but that is in March..

What is everyone going to be for Halloween?

PS. How cute is Gwen??

October 12, 2010

stick your tounge out

When I posted about ordering these booties here I wasn't kidding...and they finally arrived!!!

They are even more perfect than I imagined. I wore them to work today and they were way comfortable and everyone was asking where I bought them (FYI, Hallelu). I love that you can "stick the tounge out" and change the look...

*sorry for the crappy phone photos, the bf is not here and neither is his camera...

October 11, 2010

it's the small things

so today- after checking my PO box every single day- i received the package i knew was on its way from my mom, sister and cousin in honor of the 25th birthday i celebrated last week. it was like christmas morning when i got home to rip it open! for the most part i knew what the contents would be, but my sister, Mirelle, and my cousin (well..more like my other sister) Lindsay, went shopping for me. they are two of my all time favorite shopping partners because they don't mind waiting in line to try tons of clothes on, they are honest about what looks good and what doesn't and they deal with my indeciciveness. so Mirelle told me they went to the mall and put themselves in "Miyan mode" and picked out a few suprises. I was beyond ecstatic with that they chose!!! they hit up some of my favorite stores, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe and Victoria's Secret and this is what i got:

My "little" brother, Ben, has begun his college adventure at Texas A&M this fall and we are oh so proud, hence the cute Victoria's Secret tee.
Then there is this beautiful, sheer, sleeveless champagne colored top that I can already imagine pairing with my new black jeans that I got yesterday from Mango :)

My next suprise is this one sleeved top that I probably wouldn't have even picked out for myself, but I tried it on and it's beautiful on! It's flowy and bright and fun.

Mirelle & Lindsay picked out some gorgeous earrings and golden cuff.

They sent and wrote sweet happy birthday wishes in this cute weinie dog birthday card. And of course they sent me necessities: October issue of Cosmo, Bare Minerals makeup that I was running out of, Burts Bees chapstick (Im addicted!!!), mascara, razor blades- because makeup and razor blades are super expensive in Israel. Oh and can't forget Jergen's tanning lotion, since it's beach weather no-more, gotta keep that glow...

Thanks you mom, Mirelle and Linds for my birthday presents! It was so nice!!

October 10, 2010

breakfast for dinner

this makes my mouth water.
ham & cheese stuffed buttermilk pancakes.

am i the only one who loves breakfast for dinner?

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October 9, 2010

the weather outside is frightful

it's changing here, quite early for the season, and i couldn't be more excited to start layering long sleeves, chunky sweaters and tailored boyfriend blazers to work. and boots! can't forget boots! it shouldn't even be getting this windy and chilly here until novemeber, i remember last year we were still going to the beach in late-october, but i can't complain. to sleep with the windows open at night and feel the breeze is really, really nice.

it rained yesterday afternoon and we just lazied around listening to the storm. i baked about a dozen too many chocolate chip cookies (and am still eating left over batter from the bowl), but i like taking goodies to work and sharing sweet treats with my team.

i spent some hard earned cash at pull & bear last weekend and am dying to wear this new addition with a long sleeve white t underneath, or maybe i will be creative and pair it with a yellow one...

i jumped in zara to pick up some more winter attire and fell in love with these! they are so comfy and rugged, but still appropriate for work. work attire here in israel is way more lenient than in the states. i have recently worn them with black flats and a white button up, tucked in.

who else is excited for cooler weather?