February 27, 2012

day 12. something i don't leave the house without

lips chapped constantly.

February 25, 2012

my weekend consisted of...

eating, watching a lot of tv & paperwork...just not in that order  :)

paperwork, paperwork, paperwork
 takeout frozen yogurt + the remote control = heaven
 the husband knows how i like it

what are you up to this weekend?

day 11. favorite tv shows

i love watching tv.
i love laying on the couch catching up on the following:

desperate housewives. duh.
 ellen. i love her!
 kourtney & kim take new york
 modern family. my brother, ben, intorduced me & i cant get enough!

day 10. something i'm afraid of

something happening to a loved one back in texas.
especially while i am living overseas.

February 22, 2012

day 9: a picture of my best friend

correction: best friends. plural!
chelsey, molly, dandi & marli
my beautiful sister, mirelle

if i posted pics of all of my best friends, this post would be a few pages.
im such a lucky lady to call the girls above (and the ppl not pictured) best friends.
not pictured: shanna, katelin, diana, sarah, monica, kira, lauren, kelsey, my mom, my cousins and let's not forget...my husband  :)

February 18, 2012

our cyprus adventure

as i mentioned in the previous post, dekel and i just returned from our wedding in larnaca, cyprus. before flying, i wanted to know where i was going. dekel had been before, but to a different city and he had been in the summertime, which is much different. in the summer, there is more to do. you can beach hop, take part in the water activities, visit wineries, bunjee jump, etc. so i looked up what there was to do in larnaca during the winter. i didnt find much, but i just kept getting the thought that it's a very historical and pretty place. when we got there, i for sure thought it was a pretty cute city, i especially loved hearing greek all around me and seeing the signs in greek, which look somewhat like quantitative formulas, but our short trip was such a fun adventure. i do realize that we did not travel during the best months, because even on the boardwalk, restaurants and pubs were already closing at midnight. there was one night where we wanted a midnight slice of pizza and asked the reception where to go, with confidence he said just to head into the city and that we were sure to find something. so thats what we did, we got to the boardwalk and nothing was open. i mean, NOTHING! and it was valentines day! we were so hungry so we just stopped at a mini market to get some oreos, potato chips and sprite. we did see one place that was "happenin" and that was a bingo club, if that says anything  :)  overall, it was fun. and the best part was marrying the one guy who accepts me for who i am and who wrote in his vows that "loving me is not just an emotion, but that its switched into a way of life and that keeping me safe, happy and loved have become his goals in life." how lucky am i?!

these "attention! drive on the left" signs are everywhere! in cyprus they drive in the right side of the car and on the left side of the road. needless to say, i left the driving up to dek and he definetly made a few practice rounds in the car rental parking lot. 
view from our hotel room
just arrived. about to head out to the boardwalk for lunch
my dress + an amazing view
arridipou town hall, where we married
a pretty church in the town of arridipou
the larnaca boardwalk
lunch! burgers at 'times' restaurant. for him: mushroom creme burger with local larnaca beer. for me: hot & spicy burger with hoegarden
photoshoot at an abandoned building we thought was cool
chruch in larnaca at night
pretty blue shutters in across from the larnaca marina
near the larnaca marina
exploring around the marina
picturesqe blue & teal boats
bright oranges at the larnaca market
champagne & mint chocolates courtesy of the sweet hotel staff
writing vows
wedding day morning
we're married!
wedding hair. inspired by this photo.
lunch (and cocktails!) as a married couple at tgifridays  :)
sharing delishious fajitas
 lunch of caesar salad & white wine at the hotel
 heading back home to israel...married  :)
 we stopped to pick out some shells to bring home. its our tradition.
 note: this next photo is not edited at all. the sky was just that beautiful!
 hope you enjoyed going through our adventure!
now back to my 30-day-challenge  :)

February 17, 2012

our valentine's day wedding

dekel and i returned yesterday from a 3-day-trip to larnaca, cyprus where we married. 
we stayed in a fabulous, beash-side hotel (even though it was too cold to take a dip!) and we rented a car to tour around town. i would love to share some of my favorite photos from our adventure, if you would like to see...