June 20, 2013

poolside & lovin' it

mirelle just got this purple fringe bikini and we had perfect opportunity to snap some photos of it a few weeks ago when it was a scorching 95+ degrees outside. she currently lives with her boyfriend & he has a pool, so we take advantage & lounge by it as often as possible! also, i brought our long-haired wiener dog 'peanut' & he got in the pool with us!!! cutest thing ever!!!

shorts: tj maxx, bikini top: ebay, bikini bottom: old navy, earrings: sam moon, halo: etsy, sunnies: random


shorts: old navy, bikini top: target, bikini bottom: old navy, sunnies: zero uv

 a little doggy paddle action

have you had a chance to get to the pool this summer??
it's HOT here in texas! :)

June 11, 2013

currently craving

just wanted to share a list of delicious items i'm currently craving:

carrot cupcakes with warm, creamy vanilla icing
thin, gold mid-finger rings (with a pretty mani, of course!)
a new tattoo
easy, breezy white tops
pretty, nude summer wedges
a freakin' snickers peanut butter brownie ice cream cake.
yeah, i went there.
clean lavender eyeliner for summer nights out
yummy chocolate dipped fruit

what are you craving lately?

June 8, 2013

we look to the sun like sunflowers

the other day mirelle & i were out and about running errons when we saw this beautiful wildflower field off the highway, so we decided to stop to showcase mirelle's new sunflower halo from etsy.
she also bought this one that we will bust out pretty soon :)

tonight we're going to celebrate our friend's wedding. 
she (& the wedding itself) will be so beautiful & i cant wait to see friends i haven't seen since i moved back.
i didn't decide what to wear yet, but hopefully my friend dandi will let me borrow a dress!

then tomorrow is family day. 
dekel & i will go over to my grandmother's house early to mow, rake leaves and trim bushes before we do our traditional sunday family lunch

what are your plans this weekend? 

i wore an abercrombie tank top, h&o cover-up (from israel), h&m capris & sperry top siders (how cute are these?!)

mirelle wore abercrombie tank top, old navy shorts & converse

June 6, 2013

sunflowers with a side of salsa

my sister came over after i got off work today & we just hung out and then went out to eat and to get a little happy hour drink! after thinking of all the places offering happy hour in our neighborhood, mirelle mentioned taco cabana. seeing as mexican food always sounds good, we headed there.

we saw a gorgeous sunflower field on the way home & just had to stop to take some pretty pictures.
hope you are having a great week so far!

$1.50 margaritas @ taco cabana happy hour
 we shared a chicken flauta plate with rice, beans & guacamole and ordered another side of 3 flautas and shared everything. 
we left feeling perfect; just enough food!
pretty sunflower field
(mirelle's sunglasses can be found here)

 just threw my hair up after the shower, but i love how it came out!
 my semi-new sandals from charlotte russe
(remember when i wanted the pink version??)

June 3, 2013

family tradition & wildflowers

a sunday tradition with my family is to have lunch together, whether it be at my mom's house, at my grandparent's house or at a restaurant. this past sunday was too pretty not to enjoy dickey's on my grandmother's back patio with baked beans, pickles & sweet rolls on the side. we ordered 1 lb. of sliced brisket & 1/4 lb. of pulled pork and had 2 containers of their lip smackin', rib ticklin', knee slappin', foot stompin', great tastin' bbq sauce to go all over it. i brought my camera along for the day, but unfortunatly scarfed my food down before i could get ANY photos of it, so i leave you with outfit of the day photos & a cute little photoshoot mirelle (my sister) & i had in a wildflower field near the public library on the way home. she also took my outfit shots, that girl's got some skill! 

i also had my friend's bachelorette party this saturday night & it was wild, to say the least. 
we all met up at the hotel for free happyhour till 7:30. 
yes, i said free.

then, we moved the party up to the hotel room to pre-party before heading out to la bare.
we were a group of 12 girls & we had so much fun celebrating Nug's last hoorah before getting hitched this upcoming weekend. their wedding is this saturday & i have a few dress options, maybe i will post about it? 

 shorts: old navy, top: target, purse: girft from mirelle, sunnies: market in tel aviv, earrings: mirelle's, sandals: urban outfitters

 mirelle with chuy (right) & peanut in my grandmother's backyard
from left: my grandmother, aunt, me, mirelle, mirelle's bf randy, my mom
 my love!
 wildflower photoshoot

did you have a good weekend? 
what did you do?