June 29, 2011

my lust list

o-shaped sunnies

glittered nails


chunky golden accessories

what's on your current lust list?

June 25, 2011

summer essentials

this summer i will commit to the following:

1. fix our bikes and take long rides in the fields near our home
2. buy popsicle molds and make yummy popsicles
3. drink more water; cucumber, peach, grapefruit. (i hate plain)

4. color block
5. shop less, save more
6. donate clothes & clean my closet
7. abide by this:
 8. eat healthier
9. do more crunches
10. complain less, laugh more

what are your summer essentials?

June 24, 2011

lady in red

so my friends have come & gone and we had a blast.
pictures to come, promise.

but for now, i have to feature this amazing reddish orange dress that my friend shanna left for me to borrow until my visit home in september. ahhh, i forgot to mention that boyfriend and i have booked a trip home to dallas to relax for 3 weeks and for him to meet the fam & friends. and i forgot to mention that on the way there we chose to layover for like 9 hours in amsterdam. and i forgot to mention that while in dallas we are hopping to cozumel, mexico for a 5-day all inclusive mini vacay. in other words- we are so excited and already counting down the days! (plus, we will land in dallas on my birthday. it doesnt get better than this!)

anyways, back to the dress. it's a maxi which im loving and i love the deep v-neck and the ruffled, scrunched-in waist. it was perfect to throw on for class because i could sit cross-legged. i can never sit still in class...

June 19, 2011

stairway to the sky

i am on a high right now. being surrounded by friends is even more fun that i remember...that sounds sad, but i miss my besties and having a few here in my home and in my country makes me giddy. we/ they are traveling, experiencing new things, making tons of inside jokes and taking a buttload of pics that i will post as soon as i get my hands on them. but in the meantime, i will post this photo dekel took with his phone, it's the tucker for target dress i ordered here, and i wore it with heels to work and changed to sandals for class. isnt the burgendy color/ print great?

June 12, 2011


this is SOOOO me in the A.M.

how do you wake up?

June 6, 2011

when life gives you lemons....

make salt scrub!

i have just been introduced to 'The Beauty Department' via this lovely lady. It is a fantastic, not to mention helpful, website!

seeing as i am burnt as a lobster (see previous post), i think i will whip up this super easy lemon salt scrub for when my entire body will start to peel.

it's so easy! sea salt + olive oil + lemon. (find the recipe here)

have you ever made a scrub?

a few years ago my friend marli made a scrub & packaged it in mini jars that she personalized as christmas gifts, i think she made it with brown sugar. yum!

anyways, my bestie molly is coming for a quick 2 week visit with her hubby, sammy, and this short trip will be jam-packed and fun-filled. i want to apoligize in advance for the lack of posts to come, but when a friend flys 6,969 miles across the world to see you, priorties change. there will most definetly be an overload of photos and stories following her trip, so stay tuned! she is already learning about israeli culture and trying to pick up on some hebrew words / sayings and when we skype, she cracks me up! things just dont translate sometimes....


June 5, 2011

from fun to too much sun

friday started out with class...statistics to be exact, then i bussed it to the beach. i'll take you through the motions....

1. beach arrival
* this particular section of the beach is called "dado" and it's always happenin' with loud music, fresh juice / smoothie stands, dancing, people watching, ect.... we usually don't hang here, due to the excessive amount of children and lifegaurds screaming, but this is where the bus took me, so this is where i set up shop.
 2. me setting up shop
 3. tanning with no care in the world
 4. getting a little color already!
 5. ending the beach trip with a strawberry / banana smoothie to cool myself down. it was hot as hell and i would later learn that i was burned to the max!
 6. i dont know if you can tell, but i am lobster red, even my feet got burned!
i am home today from work, mad at myself for not using sunscreen or taking a break from sun-tanning because i can barely move. i cant wear clothes, my legs are swollen from my body trying to help the burn. i am in so much pain. anyways, the beach was fun, but i have learned a lesson. sunscreen. muy importante!