May 28, 2011

im a leader, yet a follower

i like to think of myself as a leader.
however, when i see something i like, i follow.

this particular tucker for target dress has not been available on for some time now and i knew i needed it in my life after seeing taylor from sterling style wear it here & here and kendi from kendi everyday wear it with bright pumps and a cute cardi, here. i could just see it fitting into my closet nicely and i was already imagining the way i would style it to work and on weekends. in other words, i had to have it! i found it on ebay but not in my size and kept checking back weekly. i finally found it one night when browsing online and bid on it for $21.00 and won. $21.00 - i still cant get over it! loving ebay even more than i did when i won some of these items.
but i guess i can not go online shopping for every piece of clothing i love that i see another blogger wearing or i would be instantly clicking "buy" on these items as well :
skirt: seen here
wedges: seen here
belt: seen here
bag: seen here
vest: seen here

who are your favorite style bloggers?


Ramsey said...

LOVE all of these looks! Especially the shoes.

Cupcake Couture said...

Wow...lucky you on finding the dress.

Mimi said...

Great buy! I admired it on kendo as well. I have so many style inspirations that it's hard to name just one!

Michelle's Style File said...

Great work on that dress. I love that skirt you've pictured of Lucy's- shame we don't have Banana Republic in Oz : )

Despina said...

such a nice pattern.great blog.i am following you for sure.follow back too :)

Anonymous said...

So glad you got the dress you were hunting down and for a great price too!

Anonymous said...

i love this tucker dress! i remember when it first came out at target, i wanted it SO bad, but my size sold almost immediately. so i settled for a navy one with fushia in it (different pattern). i still wear it alot :-)

and i totally have that moschino belt, but in black ;-) one of my fav purchases ever.

hope u had a nice weekend!

Cylia said...

I'm not sure who my favorites are.. I always feel I get bombarded with advertisement and giveaways on these popular blogs.. I usually like the more unnoticed blogs!