April 28, 2014

skeletal love

my obsession for skulls & bones has not died down.
i'm still super into them & always on the hunt for pretty things that incorporate the beloved skull print.
whether it be clothing, accessories, furniture or home decor, i love a good skull piece. 

these are some items i am coveting right now:

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i'm also obsessing over fringe & fun, colorful wedges.
what are you into right now? 

April 24, 2014

festival success

hey guys!
just wanted to write about & share some photos from our experience as vendors at the kemp wildflower festival, which turned out to be a great success! 

so we arrived at the kemp city park around 9 am & started setting our booth up and displaying our merchandise and around 10:30 people started showing up. the wind just kept picking up and a few tents even blew over, at one point we had to hold ours down so it wouldn't take off like a parachute! luckily the sun came out to warm us up and the festival got hoppin' around 12. it was my sister, mirelle, & i running our booth, with the logistics help of my hubby, dekel. he was our sign-putter-upper, our box-carrier and helped with everything from writing our sales down to running the paypal swipe we used when customers wanted to pay with credit card. this allowed mirelle & i to focus on sales, bringing people into our booth and helping everyone try our flower headbands on, which definitely nailed the sale! we hung a long mirror up in our booth & everyone loved trying them on and we sold around 80 flower headbands. we prepared about 150 pieces for the event, but the seeing as there were only around around 600 people there, we did fantastic! especially for our first time doing anything like this, we learned a lot, had a ton of fun, meet some great people and will definitely be applying to get into some more festivals this summer. 

4th of july will be here before we know it!

settin' up our sour melan booth
checking myself out in our hanging mirror

and what's a road trip through the country if you don't stop for a photo (or 50!) in the gorgeous texas bluebonnets??

April 22, 2014

before & after

it was about dang time!

April 9, 2014

it's that time again

last time my hair saw scissors was in december.
it needs a little snip like woah.

my sister works at at gioia hair salon & gets a great friends and fam discount so i'm going in tomorrow for a cut & blow dry. one of my favorite parts of going to a hair salon is when you walk out the door feeling like a million bucks because of the amazing blowout you just received, it's like the icing on the cake. not to mention the head massage while getting your shampoo! i love my long hair and am going to keep the length, but definitely need to cut off the ends & shape it up a little bit. 
here are my inspiration photos:

but secretly i would like to have this sophisticated cut:
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April 5, 2014

weekend plans

starting our weekend off right with a couples massage this morning. yay! 

i have to work later today, but tomorrow we will be running a mock set-up for the "booth" we will open in the wildflower festival where we will be vendors. we basically just want to open the tent we bought & make sure we have enough tables, signage and ways to display our products. mel is bringing over jewelry trees and other ideas we have, can't wait to see how it turns out! the festival is next saturday, and since it's our first time being a vendor at a festival, or any event for that matter, we are both nervous and excited. having no idea what to expect definitely makes it all the more curious. pictures to come, but in the meantime here is a pretty one from my pintrest of pink tulips & a lovely farmhouse :)

what are your plans this weekend?