January 29, 2011

which one?

which do you prefer? i feel like im constantly wanting to change my header...how can i choose one to stick with??

into the wild

I am feeling very drawn to thick, indianesqe pieces lately...i think i can blame the cold, dreary weather. 

do it yourself

i never think up DIY's on my own, but i sure do appreciate those who share their creations with us non-original human beings so we can recreate :) how simple do these look too?!

...love Maegan & I Spy DIY are blogs I visit regularly for inspiration.

where do you go for inspirational ideas??

January 23, 2011

the big D

kendall from kendal crow keeps a pretty amazing blog that i follow and she posted recently about where she "left her heart" and it made me miss dallas. so i wanted to post about the city / state where half my heart is and share some photos that i found randomly on google and flickr. enjoy!

Dallas, Texas

which is your city?

January 22, 2011

desire for summer

i. want. this. outfit....and for summer to hurry up.
i would throw this on over my bikini for a beach day. what do you dress for in the summers?

1. Paul by Paul Smith Camera Grey T-Shirt- $133
2. J.Crew Straw Tote- $42.50
3. ASOS Classic Retro Sunglasses- $20.69
4. J.Crew Chain-link cuff- $68
5. Steve Madden PAIIGGE- $69.95
6. Abercrombie & Fitch Bella- $50

January 21, 2011

photobooth yourself

i love photobooths and photobooth-esqe photo strips, proof here.

The talented Stanton & Rubi over at keeping up with los jones created an online photoboother. how cool is that? 

go check it out & try it out

black beauties

Anyone else borderline obsessive about Kendi's amazing blog? She posts with a sense of humor and I love her style. (Plus she's a Texas blogger!!) Her blog is very inspirational in the sense that she is very put together and that her sweet hubby photographs her everyday looks and that she is cool enough to have come up with a "30 For 30," seen here, as did Sydney from The Daybook, seen here. This concept really makes you look twice at what you already own and get creative in recreating looks for work, play or nights out. I just might have to put myself to the challenge, and this challenge includes no shopping for 30 days.

I love when bloggers link to what they wear if the post is centered around clothing, as it's fun to see what they paid and where they shop. The fact that Kendi does this led me to finding the perfect pair of tall boots that I have been searching for since October. I remember when I discovered her blog, I keep browsing through older posts and saw these boots reappear and how she restyled them and I fell in love -- see her in them here, here and here. The beauts are from Urban Outfitters and were under $100; I was very pleased. I opted for black and ordered them online, here, and had them shipped to my mom's home in Dallas and she added them to the very sweet and generous Christmas box she had prepared for me. (Thanks, mom!)

so they arrived =)
 i took them out to play
note: no lives were endangered for this photoshoot

 note to self: work on my kartwheel form

 picking grapefruit, of course, for my daily dose of juice

The rest of our weekend will be spent studying with cuddling breaks and blogging in between. What are your plans? 

January 15, 2011

yes, please!

online shopping browing
1. Paul & Joe Sister Orazzio Beige Top, $243
2. J Brand Agnes Worn Onyx Jeans, $376
3. House of Harlow 14K Gold Plated and Black Sunburst, $102
4. Sequin Wallet, $12.80
5. Michael Kors Shiny Golden Watch, $250
6. Steve Madden Rego, $99.95

what would you wear on an evening out?


on our way back home from our studies on friday, we opted to stop for a little photo opp in this beautiful field next to the Carmel mountains in Haifa. i live in such an amazing country.

 this would be your view if you were an ant
this is most definetly not the first time i have "fallen for the fields," when i lived on kibbutz Ein Hashofet i worked with my friend Alex out in the avacado fields for a day, here are a few photos from two years ago when i realized i live in a special place.


So boyfriend woke me up this morning, per my request, and as I'm washing my face, the smell of chicken leads me to ask him "what's cooking," he says nothing and acts as though he smells nothing and has no idea what I'm talking about. I shrug it off, plop myself down on the couch and being flipping through the channels.

About 15 minutes later, my tummy is growling and I head to the kitchen to grab some cereal. I find a pot of chicken, beans, potatos, onion and eggs boiling on the stove. Turns out he wanted to suprise me for lunch and had soaked beans overnight in a bowl that he hid on our fridge and went to buy chicken this morning at the grocery store while I slept in. He even took step-by-step photos of how he created this amazing dish called "Hamin" because he knew I would want to post on my blog about this yumminess! Does it get any cuter than that???

This meal is one that his mom makes every now and then that we both love beyond words, its so simple yet so good!

"Hamin," or "Cholent" is a traditional Israeli dish that was developed over the centuries to conform with Jewish religious laws that prohibit cooking on Shabbat. You are supposed to bring the pot to a boil on Friday before the Shabbat begins, and place it in a slow cooker until the following day, to prevent cooking or "working" on Shabbat. You can read more about it here, thank you Wikipedia.

Dekel and I are the opposite of religious, and the opposite of patient, so we --he-- boiled all the ingredients this morning and let it cook for only about 5 hours and it was just as amazing, but if you do have a crock pot or slow cooker, I would recommend leaving it in there on a low heat all day to enjoy for dinner.

ingredients: olive oil, 5 eggs, 3 potatos, 4 chicken legs, 1 purple onion, 1 bag of red beans, salt, pepper and garlic salt, and any other spices your heart desires
 he had soaked a full bag of red beans with 1 tsp of baking power in water overnight, then drained them this morning (he ended up using only 1/2 of the bag because they "got swollen" and there was not enough room for all of them)
 cut up the potatos and onion
 add potatos and onion with some olive oil to the pot and he said he let those cook for like 4 minutes
 then add the beans
 add the eggs and chicken legs
 add water until the pot is full and add spices to your taste, bring to a boil, then cover and let simmer for hours
 final result = "Hamin"
 you will obviously peel the now hard boiled eggs, but run them under cold water first of course
Enjoy! Thank you Dekel =)