July 31, 2009

tic toc

so Ben's departure date is getting closer and closer and before I know it he will be back off to Dallas to be a senior in high school! First off I can't believe I've had him here with me this long and then I can't believe I wont be around him for who knows how long..and lastly, that he is going to be a senior in high school! the 3 musketeers drop down to 2:

July 13, 2009

with a cherry on top

Had a wonderful weekend, to say the least. Friday was spent with the family- Shabbat dinner as usual and then Mirelle, Ben and I went to Kapara's casa, where we just spent time talking and laughing. So fun to have my posse around.

Saturday we were up bright & early to go out on one of dad's friends yacht. We departed from the port of Haifa and planned on sailing to Akko, a nearby city, but the waves were too choppy and the wind too strong. So we docked up at a quite beach near Haifa and spent hours tanning on the oversized deck and jumping off the boat into the clear blue water. We swam with the jellyfish and when you play with fire, you will get burned. Ben, dad and I got stung pretty bad right as we were getting out of the water from our last dip in the ocean. It hurt sooo bad! Left a nice little burn looking mark on my foot and behind my knee (talk about akward spots to get stung!) Later that night we sat together with popcorn and watched Slumdog Millionaire, which I LOVED! Listening to "O Saya" right now and thinking I might have to make it my next running song.

Anyways, going with the Ulpan tonight on our first "trip," we're going to Tel Aviv becaus the opening ceremony for the Macabia Olympics is tonight- should be interesting. Mirelle is going with her Ulpan as well, we plan to meet up of course.

Sending love to the fam- grandmother, I will be thinking of you on your birthday. Wishing we could all be together sittin outside enjoying some watermelon and cantelope after having your favorite birthday meal. And I would wear green & pink in honor of you. Miss you and grandfather so much- hope you know that. Much love.