April 24, 2012

a wonder of the world

this week we have two jewish "holidays" : memorial day & independence day. memorial day is certainly not a day to celebrate, but we do have off work tomorrow and thursday so we thought it to be a fantastic opportunity to do something semi-spontanious & take a trip that we have been contemplating for some time. we will finally be visiting a wonder of the world: petra, jordan!!! i am beyond thrilled as i have heard & read such great things about the accomidations (we booked 2 nights at this hotel), the food, the historical sights and the nightlife.
we will arrive wednesday to the hotel after crossing the border to jordan. we plan to take the 'petra by night' tour that night, which seems to be just magical. the petra site will be lit by the light of 1,800 candles & you walk through following a candle-lit path and supposedly there is haunting music of the bedouins at the treasury where you sit surrounded by pure candlelight and sip tea.
photos via & via
friday we plan to stay at a bedouin camp and take a jeep tour through the desert. the bedouin camp experience is unlike any other, sleeping in tents under the stars, meals by an open fire, stories of history and culture, camel rides...i am so excited!

plan to see about a million pictures upon our return!    :)

April 23, 2012

fields of gold

today i rocked a simple outfit with gold touches.
a pretty golden wheat field where we live
 an eye-catching necklace gifted from a friend
 my favorite h&m sandals bought last year

taking a trip wednesday to one of the "new wonders of the world."
so excited!
can you guess where?  =)

April 21, 2012

me weekend consisted of...

wearing my favorite jeans
adopting a few items found by the dumpster that i saw potential in
i placed the vintage army box in a previously-empty corner of our living room
& i hung the cute little key holder by our door
 and we enjoyed frozen yogurt, of course

what did your weekend consist of?

April 20, 2012

splurge vs save

i have been wanting a chic pair of pink sandals since this post,
the dv archer sandals to be exact.
but i just couldnt bring my self to shell out so much.
i held off buying them and lo and behold target has done it again!
they are not an exact replica, but they are pretty damn close  :)
dv sandals (top) can be found here
target sandals (bottom) can be found here

April 18, 2012

meet me at the bus stop

im celebrating the fact that its finally open-toed shoe / sleeveless top weather!!
im such a summer girl, its crazy. i cant stand the cold and was literally counting down the days till it warmed up here so i could bust out my wedges and summery tops that i forgot about. (and needless to say, start going to the beach again!) i have my little jacket on for these photos because the sun was going down and it was getting chilly, but at least it stays light outside till 7. makes me feel like i didnt miss the day completely when i leave work at 5:30.

i made dekel pull over on our way home to snap these photos.
i thought the bus-stop photoshoot would be kinda cool.
maybe? maybe not?

im wearing bell-bottom jeans from zara, corked wedges from aldo outlet, watermelon-colored top from hollister outlet & crop jacket from i forgot where. "i forgot where" is a new store in town, haven't you heard ?  :)

April 17, 2012

sprung on chevron

im loving it in all shapes & sizes:
a summery bike seat
a festive table runner
a cute, coral frame
a subtle wall decal
a lovely serving tray
pretty seat covers
a diy dresser
colorful coffee mugs

 a billowy dress

is anyone else crazy in love with chevron ?

April 14, 2012

my weekend consisted of...

taking walks & being silly

busting out (and using!) the smells-too-good-to-use 'vanilla patchouli' scrub i got as a gift from my aunt.
watching too much tv, including this movie which was pretty good
indulging in an afternoon treat of frozen yogurt with all my favorite toppings  :)
freshly coating my nails with revlon's "minted"
*that's not my hand
**photos via & via

what did your weekend consist of?

April 13, 2012

big kids on a playground

it's a 3-day weekend! woo hoo! after sleeping in till 11, dekel and i needed to stretch our muscles so we decided to take a walk. i dressed up for the occasion to break in and show off my new flats.

such pretty flowers in bloom!
 neighborhood kitty that i couldnt resist to play with

hopefully tomorrow will be warm enough to hit up the beach,
for the second weekend in a row.
fingers crossed.

how are you celebrating your weekend?