April 30, 2011

i have an itch

i have mentioned before throughout my blog that i was 'studying' and i posted here about going to tel aviv to take the GMAT and tomorrow is the last step in my application process for MBA. i have an interview at the university of haifa for acceptance! boyfriend found out last week that he has been accepted (congrats, boo!) so our plan is coming to life. wish me luck!!!

today we went to a spa in haifa where we had coupons to get a "fish pedicure." anyone heard of this? i was all about it until this morning when i read up on it and found out that its banned in many states because of the inhumane treatment to the fish....supposedly they dont feed them so they will nibble on your feet. i was so sad about it and when we got to the spa i couldn't even put my feet in the water. (also because i was super freaked out) needless to say it was a once in a lifetime experience. we enjoyed the rest of our spa day by lounging by the beachside pool, although it was kind of windy, and enjoying the jacuzzi and sauna. all in all it was a nice little saturday. how did you spend yours?

boyfriend and i were talking at the spa about how we want tattoos. i have one on my foot that i got years ago and have an itch for another. the one on my foot hurt like i cant even describe, but i have convinced myself that it was just because it was on my foot. haha. dekel has none and i have suggested on the inside of his (very muscular) arm or down his side. love that on guys!

so, i have an itch.
loving these tat pics.
do you have tattoos?  

via & via

April 29, 2011

maxed out

i am all about maxi dresses and long skirts for comfort and ease. a while back i traded a few pieces of clothing with a friend (anyone else do that?) and this maxi dress that i took from her had just been hanging in my closet. i chose it from her stash because i felt it had potential for fiun outfits but after trying it on and playing around with it (and seeing this post) i knew it needed to be transformed into a maxi skirt.

i didnt take a before dress / after skirt photo, but literally all i did to make the transformation was cut this dress at the elsstic empire-ish waistband! so happy with the result. what do you think?

my ebay purchases arrived! i won this house of harlow inspired necklace (worn in the photos above) & the betsy johnson lip earrings! aren't they adorable?

have a wonderful weekend, lovlies!

April 26, 2011

too cool for school

love these! deifinetly need to DIY
(they seem easy enough, right?)

her style rocks! especially channeling flava flav...

does someone wanna be my friend and make me one some of these fabulous friendship bracelets?

April 24, 2011

day date

i think day dates are just as fun as night dates, but that they don't get as much credit. you know, for a 'regular date' you dress up, probably nicer than usual, do your hair in a style out-of-the-ordinary, and get all dolled up in expectation of a romantic dinner, which usually lives up to its expectation....but day dates are just as fun & romantic if you ask me. today dekel and i had a day date and it was marvelous. we slept in till noon, got dressed comfortably and headed out for a little shopping (i withheld myself. i am proud), to the movies and to get ingedients to make a "mexican themed" dinner. man, i miss mexican food.

 im really into these side-braids lately

 one of my new tops; i wanted to share what it looked like on
dekel is so sweet, he rented the whole theatre just for us!!!!! 
no, there just really wasn't anyone else. pretty unheard of, huh? we saw 'riding hood' - highly recommended.

 let's not go into how many calories this meal included....this is why bf and i are taking a two day hike tomorrow.
also, we like hiking.
we will be hiking in the northern part of israel (pictured below), which means just as much to you as it does to  me. but it will be an adventure, i love hiking with dekel. two years ago, when we first started dating, we took a hike and it made me swoon. 
 his & hers

so...see ya monday! have a great weekend, ya'll!

April 20, 2011

my lust list

make-you-look-twice touches
mk & a
outta this world nails
indoor brick walls
tribal print
what's on your current lust list?

April 18, 2011

move over, it's passover

tonight begins the holiday pesach, or passover, which commemorates that the israelites were freed from slavery in egypt. although i am not really religious and do not clean my home to rid it of flour, like every other israeli, i can appreciate the meanings behind this special holiday and especially appreciate the family time it brings.

last year my uncle busted out the accordion to serenade us. the year before that my sister was here with me, needless to say, it was eventful and full of laughs. tonight dekel and i are going to my dad's cousins house in a city called hadera to sit down and enjoy the seder, should be fun!

this is what i plan on wearing. and since the weather is so warm i can bare my legs & wear my new, sheer blouse. double bonus!    =)

happy holiday!