April 18, 2011


picked up a few new items at a store here called tnt. i usually only find accessories there, like chunky, beaded necklaces, cool, dangly earrings or racy, lacy undergarments....however during my last trip i went into the dressing room with about 20 items and checked out with the following:

floral, mix-matched bikini
three sheer blouses
 probably something i would not usually buy, but it was too fun to pass up
 check out the hidden design
 i like that this one ties at the neck, or you can leave it untied for a more relaxed look
 little birdies!
probably my favorite...
 i really love this navy, grayish color & all the detail like shoulder ties, buttons and pleats on the front
 cute, little high-waisted skirt

whatcha think?


xo $ARMIN said...

Love the floral bikini top, & those sheer printed blouses. The lil' ducks are ssooo cute!


Anonymous said...

i think i need to come shopping with you!