April 15, 2011


what i love most about this country is my proximity to the beach. the ocean. the waves. the sand. the salt water. the atmosphere. nothing tops it. when we make beach trips, we spend hours, bring a picnic, sip beer, play matkot, relax and unwind. it's my favorite place in the whole wide world, the beach is. being in israel for 3 years now, i have acquired some beach-y photos.

here's the good, the bad and the ugly: (in no particular order)

i swear this dude looked like anthony bourdain , but he ran off to scuba dive so i missed my chance to ask him....
 dead fishy :(
 sea shell collecting; i like to bring home everything from broken lobster legs to cool stones
creepin jellyfish
 falling asleep under the sun
 playing in the waves
 enjoying a corona at sunset

we are off to the beach tomorrow, weather is finally permitting!!!

what are your weekend plans?


MollMan said...

mmm, sooo beachy. haha. cannot WAIT to sip beer on the beach with y'all!

Kendall Crow said...

super jealous! i miss living so close to the ocean. i live about 45 minutes away from it now :( love the pics! especially that corona one, looks like one of their ads :) enjoy your weekend!


ELEUTHERIA1988 said...

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TOPCOAT said...

and this is one of my favorite parts of israel, the beachhhhh is perfect this pesach! xx

xo $ARMIN said...

I love your tan!