April 20, 2011

my lust list

make-you-look-twice touches
mk & a
outta this world nails
indoor brick walls
tribal print
what's on your current lust list?


Anonymous said...

I love the indoor brick wall photo, so sick! and tribal prints are definitely on my list of things to get.



Lusting loads of silky tribal print pieces for this summer for sure.

audrey marie said...

LOVE those nails and the tribal printed shoes. to die for.

Anonymous said...

those tribal print shoes are GORGEOUS! those may now be on my lust list for sure ;-)

im lusting over COLORS now. i am such a black and grey girl when it comes to clothes, but ive been attempting to purchase colored pieces lately :-)

krisandkel said...

Such a great list! I love that butterfly on the man's hat. And MK & A have an incredible sense of style!

<3 kris&kel

Lindsay With An "A" said...

Love those metallic nails!!

Isabel said...

i love MK + A's makeup look in that photo.

Kelly said...

the butterfly on the hat does make you look! And easy to do yourself!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

ahh, mk&a...they will never get old.