April 7, 2011

feelin' gray

hey, hey!

first off, i am not really 'feelin' gray' today, but my outfit sure was. i actually received over five compliments on my outfit, hair style & hair color today, which seriously is crazy. i passed the niceness along and complimented some people at work as well. i love getting and giving them =)

i picked up this silky tank a while back, posted about here, and was debating to wear it casual or dressy, colorful or neutral- i took a poll in that 'segment' of reader's choice and most of you liked the pop of pink, so i ended up sporting this to work today:

 i wore a thin v-neck, off-white tee under the tank to make the outfit more 'work appropriate' ...and i don't really have a kardashian butt, i was squatting to get in the pic ...still working on my selftimer pics
 used those sally hansen nail stickers and im in week 1 of useage and they are peeling / chipping, but they definetly got a lot of attention! and i love my 'D" necklace
 i usually bring to work / change into a pair of flats at some point in the day
 from old navy last summer


mbenita said...

You are sooo pretty!!! i love you siss!

love ya,

xo $ARMIN said...

" i don't really have a kardashian butt, i was squatting to get in the pic"

That made laugh, I thought you should know.

Love the shorts, such a pretty color. And I have been meaning to try those Sally Hansen nail stickers, they look fun.


Megan said...

hot lady! and im loving the skirt!

MollMan said...

You are too beautiful best friend!!

Anonymous said...

Ditto on what Molly and Mirelle saif! I love it all! The nail things...I got about 10 days out of my last ones...some of the nails were chipped but some were in perfect condition. It makes me so sad when I have to take it off : (

augustalolita said...

wonderful outfit!! love the color of your skirt <3 very pretty!!

Lindsay With An "A" said...

You are so cute girl! I love this outfit, esp. the pink skirt! What cracks me up is your "I don't have a Kardashian butt" comment. LOL! Love it :)