December 29, 2011

my weekend will consist of...

making these:
trying this:
building these: (sorry! lost link)
and lovin' on him:

the mr. has a birthday in 1 week!
cant wait to give him the surprises i bought!

happy weekend to everyone 
& happy new year!!!

December 26, 2011

tiffany teal

loving this hue lately!
what's your favorite color this week?

December 23, 2011


i have a holiday work party coming up on the 4th. its a celebration of hannukah & the new year. of course, my dillemma is what to wear. i want to try to replicate this look, but with tights & 86 the shades, since the party is at night.
& maybe its a great opportunity to try this golden, smokey eye:

and i think it smart to follow this guide....

how are you celebrating the holiday?

December 18, 2011

the sweet smell of sugar cookies

i did it! ...with the help of boyfriend. 
dough is one tough cookie. pun intended. 
even though i followed this recipe to the tee, my dough ended up like falling apart. granted, i don't have a mixer, maybe that has something to do with it. but byofriend came to the rescue and helped me kneed it back together so we could cut out shapes to bake & decorate. of course, here in israel there are no cute, christmas-themed cookie cutters so i used stars & heart's.

crumbled m&m's, oreo hershey bar & 
mint, dark chocolate for toppings
 i melted already-ready vanilla icing & added a drop of food coloring to make pink & light green
they came out dangerously delishious!!! 
i have seriously already eaten like 5 in a span of 1 hour...

December 17, 2011

drowning in accouting

we have a horrid accounting test on monday, 
so today was spent in front of the computer studying.
my eyes burn, fingers ache and i need some stimulation.

to, at least, end my day with a fun activity, i think i will bake. i saw this post and knew i wanted to make a batch and decorate them. 
i love trying new things!

i'll let you know how they came out, 
if you're interested!

December 13, 2011

when i grow up

i want to be like her.
i have loved her music & style since elementary school.
she rocks bleach blond hair, sports a bright red lip & brought back houndstooth. who better to imitate?

pinned this look on pintrest the other day & thought to purchase virtually recreate it.

here's what i threw together:

who is your style icon?

December 10, 2011

professional pinner

seriously just sat and pinned on pintrest for like 3 hours.
i had applied a week ago for an invite and sure 'nuff it was in my inbox this morning and i was ecstatic to begin creating boards and pinning away! i had heard it was addictive, but i didnt know what i was getting into. for the mean time, i created 12 borads, some of which include "creatures," "body art" & "style cravings."

ill leave you with one of my favorite photos found today....

do you have an account? i would love to follow you!
you can follow me here, if you'd like..

December 8, 2011

what a girl wants

here's my holiday wishlist.
more of just a 'wish outloud' sort of thing.
i've always celebrate both hannukah and christmas.
growing up i got to experience the best of both worlds :)
i will write santa, plead my case & leave some chocolate chip cookies & milk out. even though im jewish i think he will come through & drop off some goodies...

inevitably, the ultimate iphone 4s
am i the only one left on the face of the planet without one of these amazing gadgets?

...and whats an iphone without a catchy iphone cover?
any one of these will do  =)

the oh-so desirable golden oversized mk watch 

an ultra sexy dslr camera

super cute slouchie beanies

what's on your holiday wishlist?

December 7, 2011

israel born, texas bred

texas is one of those places where people don't need to ask "where's that?" here in israel, if you would say you are from iowa or illinois, you would have to show them a map!

needless to say, proud to be texan.
wanted to share some of my favorite "texas items."
where are you from?

texas state cheese board
'heart of texas' baby romper
rad movie poster
ill take two, please
don't mess with texas necklace
 pretty bluebonnet champagne flutes

December 5, 2011

from blah to blue

this weekend boyfriend an i spent a few dollars and a few hours to turn our kitchen table from blah to blue. the boring wooden look had been bothering me for a while, but i didnt know what color i wanted to paint it. we finally went to the hardware store and found a grayish blue, almost violet color paint to transform our table.


now i need to decide if i want to finish it off with a glossy coat....

December 3, 2011

apeshit for etsy

ive reopened my shop! its not something huge, but i am selling a few items that ive created or treasures that i have found in the local markets here in israel. i hope you can find something you like!

i have expressed my love obsession for etsy many times on the blog, here. there are endless pages to browse through and countless sellers to read about. i love reading about shop owners and what were their inspirations to begin creating and selling.

one feature that i found today was on a woman named courtney and her kick-ass shop called doloris petunia. read about her here & see below some of her unbelievable creations. and tell me its not clever that her shop slogan is "because one-of-a-kind is the new black."

i could afford this stuff, i would buy her out!! =)