December 8, 2011

what a girl wants

here's my holiday wishlist.
more of just a 'wish outloud' sort of thing.
i've always celebrate both hannukah and christmas.
growing up i got to experience the best of both worlds :)
i will write santa, plead my case & leave some chocolate chip cookies & milk out. even though im jewish i think he will come through & drop off some goodies...

inevitably, the ultimate iphone 4s
am i the only one left on the face of the planet without one of these amazing gadgets?

...and whats an iphone without a catchy iphone cover?
any one of these will do  =)

the oh-so desirable golden oversized mk watch 

an ultra sexy dslr camera

super cute slouchie beanies

what's on your holiday wishlist?


Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

i wouldn't mind seeing any of these under my Christmas tree :) great picks!


Fashion Fractions

Diasia said...

noo get a canon haha too each her own great list hope you get it all!