March 29, 2012

happy thursday!

today i skipped class and left work at 5, even if there were some duties left unattended, (hey, they will still be there sunday, right?) to hit the up gym. i hadn't seen the inside of my gym for about two months and it felt gggoooood to be back in action. i attended zumba class & then ran/walked for about 30 minutes and then worked on my arms for a bit. after sweating from every pore on my body, i came home to shower and whip up a salad for dinner. it was SO good, i threw in there fresh spinach, cucumbers, carrots, purple onion, green onion, tomato, sliced turkey, grilled mushrooms, sunflower seeds, a sprinkle of parmesean cheese and i dressed it with olive oil & red wine vinegrette.

tomorrow morning we do infact have to drag our asses out of bed to go to class bright and early at 8am, and we have a quiz on top of that, so wish me luck!

on saturday, dekel and i plan on cleaning out our closets and donating all of our winter items that we dont wear anymore or, at least, that we didnt wear this past winter. its passover next week (my post from last passover here), and this jewish holiday is all about cleaning your home, ridding it from unused items and refreshing things, down to your toothbrush! again, wish me luck!  :)

what are your weekend plans??

March 28, 2012

i like beer

the past two days have consisted of work, sports games, pizza & beer.

im super busy at work, which is a good thing. im so busy that time is flying by, i seriously cannot believe its about to be april!

anyways, dek has been super into these european league, quarter final (whatever that means!) basketball & soccer games this week and i ,inevitably, end up watching them with him-seeing as we only have 1 tv in our apt- and getting just as hyped up. last night my cousin brought over two large pizzas and hoegarden beer. um, yum! needless to say i couldnt pass it up & joined in the tastiness, but had to stop myself after scarfing down 3 slices. hoegarden is definetly my drink-of-choice lately. i find myself craving it and its so fulfilling. we bought a fourpack so i can satisfy my cravings after a long day's work, when we dont feel like going out.
do you find beer tasty?
what's your go-to drink?

March 27, 2012

day 30. a picture of myself today & 5 good things that happened since i started this challenge

here i am, in all my glory.
this is my after work go-to style. 
tights, tanks, a vs zip-up and snoozies  =)

here are some great things that have happened since i started this challenge:

2. we got the initial "green light" to begin dek's green card process

3. ive lost some weight, jeans are a little looser & belt tightening has had to happen

4. we passed our semester exams & were on the path to graduating in september!!!

5. seasons have changed & spring has sprung! bring on the skirts & short sleeves!!!

black & brown

its been a while since ive done an "outfit post," & yesterday was the perfect opportunity. i wore, to work, a simple black, v-neck tee & a flouncy brown maxi skirt. threw on some boots & pretty earrings that i got from my fam for my bday last year and called it an outfit.
ps. how pretty is the village where i live?
endless green fields make for great photoshoot locations  =)

day 29. three wishes

1. to win the lottery! ...which i wished for here  :/
2. health & safety for my family & loved ones
 3. to find a job that i love.
to do more of what makes me happy

March 25, 2012

day 28. something that stresses me out

cleaning the house.
without intention, it stresses me out and i get snippy & short-tempered.
something i need to work on because obviously,
there are many more house cleanings to come...

March 24, 2012

day 27. original photo of the city i live in

i live in a little village called tel adashim, which is about 40 minutes from beautiful haifa, but i like to consider myself "living in haifa." let's just go with that. k? k.

the bahai gardens in haifa, near the port.
originally posted this photo in this post.
and here is a photo from the top of the gardens, looking down toward the port

March 22, 2012

day 26. my dream wedding

i was married one month & 8 days ago, on february 14th.
it was a grand adventure & we had a fantastic wedding. 
i was with him, having fun, experiencing new things & couldn't have asked for more. this was my dream wedding.

i wore a simple cream colored dress, he wore a handsome baby blue button-up and we strolled the streets giddy with giant smiles on our faces the whole day.

day 25. put ipod on shuffle, first 10 songs

i do have an ipod but its definetly not in use and surely lost somewhere in all my shit. so, i will just name a few tunes i am loving lately:

day 24. something i've learned

the following isnt necessarily something i have learned, but rather something my mom engraved in my mind so that my far-from-home travels would seem less scary.

i learned to remember that i can always go home

day 23. favorite movie

ok. deja vu.
i definetly already posted my favorite movies here back on day 7.

March 17, 2012

day 22. what's in my purse.

i guess its about time my purse threw up
1) so i could share its contents with you
2) so i could clean it

here he is. my trusted, thrifted louis. i scored him for $40 at a second-hand shop in the arts district of dallas while out with my mom. and the funny thing is, he's totally legit.
 i seriously thought i had much more shit in my purse than this because its always when im trying to pull out my phone or keys i can never find them!
sweet victorias secret scents
 wallet & ring pouch & sunnies

 old navy leopard makeup bag & coach wristlet used as lip gloss and pony-tail holder & M notepad
 lastly, best.stuff.ever! bath & body works 'caribbean escape' hand sanitizer

March 16, 2012

day 21. favorite picture of myself of ALL TIME. and why.

this is me clearin the floor.
i like to dance crazy.
good times with great people.

March 15, 2012

day 20. nicknames

my name is miyan and ive had my name butchered all my life. ive gotten everything from 'mymom' to 'meeyawn' to 'myrel' (a clever combination of my name + my sisters' name: mirelle) its difficult to pronouce, ill give you that, and its almost impossible to spell a hebrew name in english. it just doesnt work, so i have multiple nicknames that turn my head. some of my which include:
yan, yonni, my, spy, spyon, lulu, blondie, bun

only if you're name is pronounced ma'ayan & it means a spring of water in hebrew.

day 19. something i miss

sometimes i wish i could just zap back to elementary school to be naive again. 
to have no expectations, to have no knowledge of evil in the world.
to believe that peace was attainable.

day 18. favorite place to eat

hands down- barbarosa in ramat yishay.
a ginormous caesar salad topped with a hearty amount of parmesean cheese, half a liter of hoegarden to wash it down and husband to share it with.
doesn't get better than that  =)

March 11, 2012

fly far on facebook!

i would love to have you follow me through my adventures via
facebook or bloglovin !

what kind of content would you like to me share through facebook?

& of course, feel free to email me !

day 17. something i'm looking forward to

our upcoming trip to thailand!
get here already!!!

March 10, 2012

purim photo ops

this past week israel celebrated the holiday purim.
we didnt have winning costume ideas (like last years!) and up until last night we didnt even think to go out to celebrate. but we got an itch to dance, found some accessories and hit up the club. me as a sexy cop. dekel as a cowboy.

March 9, 2012

spring desires

inspired by all of the 'spring desires' boards out there, like this one & this one,
i decided to pink out some of my favs major wants for spring...

what's on your spring wishlist?

March 8, 2012

day 16. dream house

i CANNOT WAIT to buy a house with my husband and make it our home.
we want a fixer upper so we can work on it, we enjoy shit like that.

but my dream house would include this entrance:
this entryway:
this bright & open bedroom: 
 this laundry room:
 this backyard:
and this perfectly gray bathroom:

how fun to daydream....

March 4, 2012

day 15. bible verse

i can't say that i have read the bible or even know a single verse,
so i choose to share a saying that i am fond of:

March 3, 2012

my weekend consisted of...

beer drinking, family meal enjoying 
& marriage announcements / party invitation preparing...

how was your weekend?

March 2, 2012

mint chocolate

wishing spring would hurry the hell up!
im reasy to wear pastels, short sleeves and sandals  :)