March 16, 2012

day 21. favorite picture of myself of ALL TIME. and why.

this is me clearin the floor.
i like to dance crazy.
good times with great people.


Mandy said...

Haha, indeed encapsulates all those aspects of you! I love it too!

Great blog by the way! :)

Have a gorgeous weekend, lovely! <3

<3 Mandy xx

Mal said...

Your hair is AMAZING in this! So cool

Mal @ The Chic Geek

├ćnne said...

Amazing pic!!! Looks liek you had a lot of fun!!

Kisses Anne

GlamorousGirl said...


Morgan Brooks said...

This blog is so lovely and you are stunning. I absolutely love your work and I think the world of your blog! Keep it up girl. You have a follower in me!