March 22, 2012

day 26. my dream wedding

i was married one month & 8 days ago, on february 14th.
it was a grand adventure & we had a fantastic wedding. 
i was with him, having fun, experiencing new things & couldn't have asked for more. this was my dream wedding.

i wore a simple cream colored dress, he wore a handsome baby blue button-up and we strolled the streets giddy with giant smiles on our faces the whole day.


Celebrity Owned said...

So pretty!!!

xx Julie xx

Nuha said...

you look gorgeous! love your simple dress! congrats!

chels.e. said...

Such a beautiful couple!

Hanan said...

Congratulations, mabrouk! I wish you a super nice life with your husband :-)

Kindra Leomiti said...

Congratulations, Miyan! This photo tells everything you’ve been through and how happy you are whenever you’re with him. I like how you managed to fix the date on Feb. 14… It seems like many couples want to marry on that day and, yet, you’ve found a vacancy. It’s kind of cool that you’re going to celebrate two occasions on that day every year – Valentine’s Day and your wedding anniversary… :D