March 28, 2012

i like beer

the past two days have consisted of work, sports games, pizza & beer.

im super busy at work, which is a good thing. im so busy that time is flying by, i seriously cannot believe its about to be april!

anyways, dek has been super into these european league, quarter final (whatever that means!) basketball & soccer games this week and i ,inevitably, end up watching them with him-seeing as we only have 1 tv in our apt- and getting just as hyped up. last night my cousin brought over two large pizzas and hoegarden beer. um, yum! needless to say i couldnt pass it up & joined in the tastiness, but had to stop myself after scarfing down 3 slices. hoegarden is definetly my drink-of-choice lately. i find myself craving it and its so fulfilling. we bought a fourpack so i can satisfy my cravings after a long day's work, when we dont feel like going out.
do you find beer tasty?
what's your go-to drink?


The Chic Etoile said...

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Punctuation Mark said...

me too!!! especially on really hot days at a BBQ!

Alex Butts said...

Despite being in Germany, I rarely ever drink beer. But there are some occassions, like watching sports where it's the perfect beverage.

Liz said...

Yes, I like beer. I loved Hogarden in college, but now I'm an Amstel light girl :))