March 15, 2012

day 20. nicknames

my name is miyan and ive had my name butchered all my life. ive gotten everything from 'mymom' to 'meeyawn' to 'myrel' (a clever combination of my name + my sisters' name: mirelle) its difficult to pronouce, ill give you that, and its almost impossible to spell a hebrew name in english. it just doesnt work, so i have multiple nicknames that turn my head. some of my which include:
yan, yonni, my, spy, spyon, lulu, blondie, bun

only if you're name is pronounced ma'ayan & it means a spring of water in hebrew.

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Amy_Hab said...

I get that a lot with my surname, Haberlin. It is pronounced Haberlaine more often than anything else!

Love your blog by the way! Would love if you could check mine out!