March 17, 2012

day 22. what's in my purse.

i guess its about time my purse threw up
1) so i could share its contents with you
2) so i could clean it

here he is. my trusted, thrifted louis. i scored him for $40 at a second-hand shop in the arts district of dallas while out with my mom. and the funny thing is, he's totally legit.
 i seriously thought i had much more shit in my purse than this because its always when im trying to pull out my phone or keys i can never find them!
sweet victorias secret scents
 wallet & ring pouch & sunnies

 old navy leopard makeup bag & coach wristlet used as lip gloss and pony-tail holder & M notepad
 lastly, best.stuff.ever! bath & body works 'caribbean escape' hand sanitizer


Lola said...

can't believe you managed to "bag" yourself a total bargain, $40 is amazing price for a legit LV. Sooo envious! and it seems like you can fit a whole loada things in there, one thing i cant leave house without is my phone XX

aki! said...

Not too bad at all! I guess I don't have that many things in my purse either... just enough for probability to be against my side.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am from Brazil and I love your blog.
It's so amazing!


Prêt-à-Penser said...

I LOVE Pink by Victoria Secret!

I have a fashion and cooking blog, follow me if you like! I always follow back ;)