October 28, 2012

meet the parents

would you believe dekel and i have been together for over 3 years now and our parents have never met?

well, in my mom's defense she lives in another country, but my dad lives here and its about time dek's parents finally get to meet him! it's not a make-or-break situation, seeing as dek & i are already married  :) but we just thought it would be nice for everyone to get together at our place for some coffee and dessert.

so for tomorrow night, since i am like baking impared, i thought i would make some fail-proof chocolate balls & chop up a big bowl of fruit salad.

 unfortunatly, strawberries & raspberries are out of season, but i have canalope, pomegranate seeds, bananas, oranges & pears

im curious, have your parents met your spouse's/partner's parents?

October 27, 2012

pasta perfecto

a few weeks ago dek bought us a groupon for a meal at a new little place called cafe dratzia on mt. tavor & on this chilly (yet, sunny!)  saturday we decided to take advantage of it. the groupon was for two pasta dishes of our choice and a large salad to share and two drinks. we really enjoyed it & would totally go back.

for the occasion, i wore h&m tank, tnt sweater, hollister jeans and zara sandals
 loving white nails, no matter the season!
 fresh red grapefruit juice & pretty plates
 a yummy salad for two with sweet balsamic vinegrette dressing
 our amazing pasta dishes with freshly grated parmesan
his: fettuccine with creamy mushroom sauce
  hers: penne with roz'e sauce & grilled baby tomatos

October 26, 2012

a day in jerusalem

dekel and i had something to do in jerusalem on thursday, which i cant really talk about on the blog yet...but soon to be revealed! anyways, we had to be there at 8 AM and it was crutial to arrive on time, even get there early, and since we live about an hour and a half away, we ended up leaving at 5 AM! we got there around 7 due to morning traffic, just in time for coffee and a croissant. then, after dek's meeting, which ended around 9, we figured we would spend a few hours and walk around the jerusalem market.

here are some tons of photos, if you would like to see...

my handsome husband, a little nervous before his meeting

we split seasame seed bread with a side of za'atar to dip it in
the jerusalem market

so many spices!

a cluttered market shop
little characters
women in "line" to get their hands on some special spices at this particular market shop
candies & gummies
anyone need a collared shirt?
a spice pyramid with the golden dome at the top! i was so impressed!
fresh meat
one of the many grand entrances to the jerusalem market
so many shoes for sale...
a pretty street sign in the tiny ways of the inner city
the wailing wall
men to the left, women to the right

where i put my note
women praising & praying to the wall
fresh red grapefruit juice on our way out of the market

October 21, 2012

i wish i were

wearing this sweater
 with this updo
paired with these pants
 & these killer heels
for a night out.

a girl can dream...right?

October 20, 2012

blang in my grill

hey guys!
i have barely felt like blogging lately, plus nothing exciting has been going on, so sorry on the lack of posts!
but today dek and i decided to go get day drunk. well, that wasnt the initial plan, but thats what ended up happening. haha. we went out for beer and edamame and ended up taking shots. woops. anyways, it was a fun day date  :)

i also got a new temporary accessory!!! my dentist totally talked me into getting this itty bitty diamond put on my tooth and i went for it. it was so weird at first and i totally felt gangster, but now i think its kinda cute. anyways, it should only last a few months, but i think its pretty fun!! what do you think?

wearing a new scarf in a bright coral peach color, navy dress from marshalls & sandals from zara

October 18, 2012

takin' care of business

anybody else love this song?

i woke up early to go to tel aviv with my dad yesterday, we had something we needed to do there & we needed to go together. my dad, being the uber-busy, super smart business man that he is, would not think anything else but to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, so i tagged along while he held a 2-hour meeting in ra'anana (i totally felt like a little girl on "bring your kid to work" day!) & then we set off to tel aviv. our errand literally lasted like 10 minutes, then we stopped for sandwiches and salad. and for dessert, we had fresh coconut chunks.

i snapped a few photos with my new lens, if you would like to see: