August 31, 2012

classic with a twist

ever since seeing this ring on maegan's blog, i cant get it out of my head.

i love it.
i want it.
i need it.
but why does it have to be $2,500?

well...a girl can dream.
and while im at it, ill throw in some louboutins  :)

i think this look is SO me.
classic with a twist.

1. topshop contrast lace strapless bra
2. j brand distressed mid-rise skinny jeans
3. alice by temperley blake stretch-jersey jacket
4. kain classic white washed-silk tank
5. meredith kahn diamond love twist ring
6. adina reyter hexagon hoop earrings
7. christian louboutin pigalle

August 30, 2012

quitting meat cold turkey

dekel and i are going vegan.
we are going to stop eating meat & animal by-products alltogether.
we are quitting life as we know it. cold turkey. (pun intended)  :)

this includes eggs & dairy.
and i looooovvvveee me some cheese!
it's going to be hard and its not going to happen over night, but its a way of life we think we should lve by.
we just believe very strongly in animal rights and humane justice too much.
we are starting with our diet first, substituting things like soy milk & tofu for what we are used to, and slowly we will work veganism into our way of life in other aspects, like our home products, my cosmetics, our furniture, maybe even clothing...

"becoming" vegan is never something i even considered before a few days ago when i saw this.
it shook me.
i was never thinking about what i ate and where it came from until i "took my blinders off."

i am not writing this to try to convince others to do the same, but i would like to suggest that you really become very aware of what you put into your bodies and where the food you eat comes from. living a healthy life and being kind to others (whether its to people, animals or nature!) are the some of the most important things in life, in my opinion.

so, to kick off our veganism, we devoured some falafel  :)

wearing: tee from marshalls, hot pink bra from target, skirt from h&m, belt from golf,
sandals from twenty four seven & a LAMB wristlet from my bestie

August 29, 2012

get on my shoulders

i know summer is not over, especially here in israel...its still hot as hell,
but i am craving off-the-shoulder sweaters lately.

i love how they give that "i-dont-give-a-shit-how-i-look-but-i-really-do" vibe.
it's what i strive for in life  :)

do you love 'em?

photos via

August 28, 2012

how to: frenchbraid

i mentioned here that i learned how to frenchbraid and i wasnt kidding when i said ive been wearing my hair like this non-stop. my sister told me she wanted to learn how to do it herself but since i live halfway across the world a how-to video will have to do, for now. it is.

my take on how-to frenchbraid.
but i would greatly appreciate a quick comment if this how-to helped you out, if you liked the video, would like to see more how-to hair style videos or have any other vlog requests, i would love to hear!

August 27, 2012

mr. traffic stopper

this top turns heads & totally screams "look at me!"
im really not yearning for attention from complete strangers, but i just love a good neon piece.
and it's even more vibrant in person than in these photos, if you can imagine (last worn here).

one may say i resemble a traffic stopper dude, but i think its fab :)

i wore this yesterday to meet my dad for coffee & breakfast.
i love those mornings!

do you have "dates" with your parents?

tank & capris from h&m, wedges from zara

up tomorrow: how-to frenchbraid video!

August 26, 2012

bowling alley

many people dont know this about israel, but on shabbat (the jewish day of "rest"), most everything is closed until sundown, so your options for fun are limited. literally, the cities feel like ghost towns!

we usually just beach it on the weekends, but opted for something different this time, so we went bowling. i cant say it was as nice as the beach, but it was a fun experience.

im wearing a dress from marshalls, tie-at-the-waist vest from plato's closet & sandals from zara

August 25, 2012

southern rock

every friday night we routinely enjoy a nice shabat dinner at dekels parents house.
his mom always whips up the best meals of schnitzel, baked chicken and roasted potatoes and tons of little side salads, my favorite being sliced carrot and cabbage.

i always like to come dressed comfortable & casual because by the end of the night im usually stuffed and unbuttoning a button or two.

on the way over, we stopped to take some pics in a beautiful wheat field.
im wearing a super soft lynard skynyrd tee i got back in my college years, my favorite zara jeans, gifted golden cuff from my family, sandals from marshalls and my hair in a twisted bun.

August 24, 2012

allllll smiles

just a quick, little post to share that tomorrow is the last day of classes for our second degree!!!!!
its unreal & doesnt even feel like the end, like it hasnt even hit me yet.
i remember all too well even taking the gmat. yuck!

so i am allllll smiles.
let's get through tomorrow & two more papers, one more presentation and one last test.
woo hoo!

wearing: top - forever 21, skirt- market in tel aviv, belt-  zara, wedges- pull & bear,
earrings- jewelry market in tel aviv, sunnies- market in tel aviv

we even went out after class tonight for drinks to celebrate.
his: stella, hers: forzen lime margarita

August 22, 2012

pool day

hey guys!

just wanted to share how my day went....

it started off with breakfast at nadav kinuchim, a cute little breakfast place/bakery, with my dad, my two little sisters and dek. we all met up at 9 and enjoyed scrambeled eggs, salad of carrots, red pepper, cucumber and sunflower seeds & tons of different slices of fancy breads and spreads (a good example of a typical israeli breakfast here). after washing our breakfast down with cups of fresh juice and hot coffee, dekel headed back to work and my dad took the girls and i to the local pool in ramat yishay, where they live. it was super nice and not crowded at all and it was so fun spending time with my little sisters. we had diving contests, played silly (almost embarrassing!) pool games and took one or two popsicle breaks.

a great day spent with loved ones.

leonne (8 1/2), me & mai (9 1/5)

i also wanted to share the cutest video of my little sisters singing and dancing, if you'd like to see:

August 21, 2012

all made-up

hi guys!
today i'd like to talk make-up, if you care to read  :)

for a while now i have just been "over" my drab, same-since-college make-up routine & wanting to try some new products. i asked all my friends on facebook here, watched tons of youtube videos and read beauty blogs to get ideas of what kinds of products i would like to switch to and which products would be best for my skin tone and budget. speaking of budget, i originally set one of $60, but quickly realized that buying entirely new make-up for everything would definetly exceed that, so i re-calculated my budget to $100.

for starters, i knew i wanted to switch out my bare minerals foundation and try a liquid or creme foundation. choosing a foundation was hard & choosing it online was even harder since there are so many options out there! i ended up going with revlon's colorstay whipped cre'me foundation in medium beige A) because of its attractive price B) because it seems to blend very well and i read that you can start light and work your way up to medium coverage if needed C) back in high school i remember using a mousse foundation and loving it, so im hoping its like that! keep your fingers crossed it works out for me!

when deciding on a bronzer, my biggest dilemma was deciding between a matte bronzer and a bronzer with a little bit of a shimmer to it. i went back and forth between bobbi brown medium bronzer and nars laguna bronzer until i decided on nars laguna illuminator. it seems to lighten up the face a little bit more than regular breonzer and its easy application doesnt even require a brush, plus its very compact for traveling. (my upcoming 3-month trip to thailand is being taken into consideration, too!) i just hope its pretty on me!

i went for a product by benefit called "boi-ing" because there's not a day i leave the house without at least dabbing concealer under my eyes and on blemishes if i have them and this stuff is said to work wonders. i currently use revlon colorstay blemish concealer and am just ready to try something not so liquid. (i am selling a brand-new revlon colorstay blemish concealer for super cheap on ebay if anyone needs one!) it's great stuff, dont get me wrong, but im ready to try something new and i hope boi-ing works for me.

it was actually this post that inspired me to purchase a highlighter pencil. i dont currently use any sort of highlighter and would really like to start. it can be applied under your eyebrow (on the brow bone), on the cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose to reflect light and give you that "dewy" look that i love. 

i currently use colossal volume express mascara by maybelline and love it, but read so many great rants about maybelline "falsies" that really want to give it a try. mascara here in israel costs a fortune, so my mom's going to ship some over  :)  and i always, always curl my lashes! i feel like it really opens your eyes.

black eyeliner is essential if you want to enlarge your eyes and it seems to have a dramatic effect on me especially, being blonde, so i want to try bobbi brown gel eyeliner. i currently use a pencil and i find that at the end of the day it has smudged or worn off and just looks bad, so im excited to try this long-wear gel eyeliner.

blush is something i dont use and i dont know why. sadly, i dont even own blush! i think it really pulls your face together and provides that pop of color to the apples of your cheeks that i love, so i want to invest in laura mercier blush. im sure there are great drugstore blushes out there, but again makeup here is so expensive, i mine as well find a great brand for a great price online, which is what i will do. plus, i love a tone that is soft pink, i cant imagine that the orangey and darker blushes would work on me.

i do nothing to my lips except bite them all day. my current go-to for lips is labello, but thats boring, right?! so  i read here about how to achieve kim kardashians signature "lip look" and im goin' for it! i love pretty pink lips but dont think ive ever worn lipstick, let alone a lipliner, so im really puttin myself out there, ha! no, but the nars turkish delight lipgloss can be worn alone, so if the lipstick doenst work out for me, i can fall back on the gloss alone. score.

brows basically frame your face and, in my opinion, are so important. my sister was blessed with perfectly thick and beautifully shaped eyebrows while mine are basically non-existent. no, but seriously they are so blonde (especially in the summer!) they are almost invisible, plus i totally over pluck them, but thats another story. so i need to fill them in. daily. i currently own the brow zings kit (#15 below) and love it, but i feel like i could use a little something extra to help me with these brows, so i am going to purchase the anastasia perfect brow pencil. i read that using tiny strokes can give the appearance of real brows. much needed over here!

in the past i used bare minerals foundation primer and when it ran out i was too lazy to buy more, even though i really liked using it. i felt like the primer kept my face moisturized throughout the day and helped even out my makeup application. but instead of just going with what i knew and purchasing that same foundation primer, i read tons of reviews and have decided to go for smashbox photo finish foundation primer in apricot. this particular primer is said to conceal under eye circles, veins, and sunspots. yes, please!

makeup setting spray.
ive never used a setting spray and dont know how i will feel about this, but i want to give it a whirl. you just spritz all over your face to sort of "set" your makeup so everything stays in place and perfect. why not, right?

 now, the key to this whole thing is i found what i wanted and then googled the hell out of it until i found it for the cheapest either on ebay, amazon or a cosmetics wholesale website or store. i actually came across great buy where i purchased items 4 & 5 below for very fair prices (let's just hope the site isn't a scam and the items really do arrive!!!). the collage below consists of products i have just recently purchased or plan to purchase within the next few days, after doing a little more research on where to buy. im a jew, what can i say! :)

i would LOVE to hear your make-up routine and find out what products you use!

August 20, 2012

over the moon for maroon (& giveaway winner!)

sweating this sultery color lately, esp after seeing this post.
i just want to scoop up all things maroon...
& doesnt hurt that my little brother is an aggie :)

{lovely corduroys}
{a sparkly clutch}
{beautiful maxi}
 {a thin, button-at-the-neck pullover}
 {the perfect fitting blazer}
 {this buttery smooth leather over-the-shoulder bag}
{maroon lips}
 all photos via

& im excited to announce that lulu has won my first ever giveaway.
thank you all for entering & for following my blog.
i will surely be hosting another giveaway soon  :)

lulu- i have e-mailed you to receive your shipping address!!