August 31, 2012

classic with a twist

ever since seeing this ring on maegan's blog, i cant get it out of my head.

i love it.
i want it.
i need it.
but why does it have to be $2,500?

well...a girl can dream.
and while im at it, ill throw in some louboutins  :)

i think this look is SO me.
classic with a twist.

1. topshop contrast lace strapless bra
2. j brand distressed mid-rise skinny jeans
3. alice by temperley blake stretch-jersey jacket
4. kain classic white washed-silk tank
5. meredith kahn diamond love twist ring
6. adina reyter hexagon hoop earrings
7. christian louboutin pigalle

1 comment :

Kirsten said...

A pair of classic Louboutin pumps are my DREAM shoe.

One day (I hope) I will own a pair.
Maybe a Christmas/Birthday present to myself : )