August 12, 2012

mexican madness

ever since laying my eyes on this post, in knew i had to make me some mexican.
it's by far one of my favorite dishes.
i just cant get enough of the meat, beans, tomatoes, lettuce and sour cream combo!

we had gone grocery shopping earlier this evening to stock up for the week & we tried to find tortillas, we even stopped at another little grocery store to try to find some, but with no luck (thanks israel for being so mexican food friendly!) i decided nachos would have to do. we piled beans and meat (seasoned with salt, pepper and cumin) onto the nachos and then sprinkled tomatoes & lettuce over it and then dipped our chips into sour cream. omigoodness, yum! i should have taken a picture of our plates after we were done eating, we didnt leave a crumb! highly suggested :)


Borjana said...

Ohhh this is fantastic,honey!;)

Vanessa said...

Yum I love mexican as well, we make fajita's most weekends but I'm a bit naughty and stuff mine full of cheese!

Vanessa x