August 28, 2012

how to: frenchbraid

i mentioned here that i learned how to frenchbraid and i wasnt kidding when i said ive been wearing my hair like this non-stop. my sister told me she wanted to learn how to do it herself but since i live halfway across the world a how-to video will have to do, for now. it is.

my take on how-to frenchbraid.
but i would greatly appreciate a quick comment if this how-to helped you out, if you liked the video, would like to see more how-to hair style videos or have any other vlog requests, i would love to hear!


The Fashion Milkshake said...

Great post!

Really well shown in the video :)



Rachel said...

Thanks for the tutorial - I can't wait to try this!

Ash and Eliza said...

Great tutorial ... I gotta try it!!

mbenita said...

Miyan you are amazing! I have learned to french braid, FINALLLLY its been forever and i would always watch youtube videos and never get it. I guess i needed to learn from my sissy :) i love you!


Anonymous said...

i just learned to french braid a couple years ago. if i had had this video then it would have been so much easier! cute vid miyan. i want to see some of your other hairstyles. i love all the buns, twists, and braids you do.