August 6, 2012

giveaway time!!!

hi loves!

this is my first ever giveaway on the blog, so im super excited about it!!!
i hope you guys like the items i picked out to giveaway :)
i want you all to know how much i appreciate the blog love and support.
i read each and every comment & really love how blogging has help me stay connected with my friends and family back in texas and also helped me make some real life friends. interested in some free stuff, or what??

1. follow fly far on google reader and/or bloglovin'
2. leave a comment in this post stating how you follow & which of the two bracelets you would like to win (the first bracelet shown in the video is called the "jade eye-catcher bracelet" and the second is called the "jade buckle bracelet")
3. leave your name & e-mail address in the comment form so i can contact you if you win

*dont make fun, it was pretty akward filiming this video.
in my living room.
i guess it will get easier & more natural with time...
simple enough, right?
the contest will last for 10 days & ONE winner will be chosen using the random number generator.
i will announce the winner on august 18.
open internationally.
good luck!


Stephanie Bersterman said...

This is so neat that you have decided to do this!! you are so bright and look to be having such a great time in Isreal. wish you the best in all your goals!!

Dandi Knight said...

You are so funny! If I win you get to choose my prize! Whatever you think I will like best! I love both bracelettes and love scarfs...and i love getting dirty with mud! I also love your hair.

marcy said...

This is so fun!! I follow on google reader and love the eye-catcher bracelet. Thanks!

Tina said...

Hey there pretty girl! You are so creative! I want that buckle bracelet. I'm a bloglovin follower and my email is

Debra said...

Hi Miyan!! I follow on Google!! And I would LOVE to win free stuff! The jade eye catcher bracelet is what I would choose from the two bracelets. So pretty!!

Cort said...

hey there, pretty lady. i follw you (duh) an google reader and i love them all! bracelets or scarf, it would be hard to decide:))))

Molly said...

sammy said you're a naughty hottie! we love you! best of luck on your giveaway! we want it allll!

chelsea felix said...

Hi beautiful! gosh i love all these unique prizes! and i would love to winnnnn :}
thankyou so much!

Ash and Eliza said...

Hi Miyan! Love this giveaway! I follow you on google reader and absolutely adore the jade buckle bracelet.

You have such great style:)


Anonymous said...

U R so pretty!! This is the coolest giveaway ever!!

Lulu said...

You're so cute!
I would looove to get the jade buckle bracelet..
I follow you via GFC: Lulu

Margarida Reis said...
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Margarida Reis said...

i'm follow you with gfc and bloglovin. my email is i love the jade buckle bracelet. thank you!

Austin King said...

I did it. I'm a follower. I want all those girly things.

chels.e. said...

Oooooo! I want it all! (the scarf if I have to choose) I follow you on google (Aboo, I still have your Mexico blog on there)
I love you and your video was toooo cute!

Amelia said...

Yay for your first giveaway!!!

I think I follow you both ways....and on facebook!

I love love love the Jade Buckle Bracelet! My brother is getting married in Midland in February, and the Jade accessory would be perfect with my long evening gown and cowboy boots! :0

Keep up the great blog Miyan! Love you!

Safe in the Arms of Love

mbenita said...

Hey Yanni,

I follow on google & facebook :)

your so cute your doing a giveaway, i'd love either bracelet they are sooo pretty :)

love you!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

both gfc follower va and blovin .
jade eye catcher bracelet is my choice
tumblemumbo at

don't worry it will get natural with time to do these videos

Florencece said...

hello sweety :)
it's great giveaway!
i join to this of course :D
i follow you via google. i prefer eye-catcher bracelet :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! Love your blog, I used to follow while I was living in Israel too but now I follow using bloglovin from America :)
I love all three prizes but especially the scarf. Would love to win! Xox, Lauren

Jo G - Musings and Delights said...

Hello love, thankyou for your comment on my blog :) I would love either bracelet, both are beautiful. I am now following you via google, but I thought I already was...confused!! I have stopped by your blog many times :)

My contact is if I am lucky