February 26, 2011

take me there

this is where i am today. i am not studying for the GMAT or worrying about cleaning my flat. i am away for the weekend with d, enjoying the simple things in life.

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where are you this weekend?

February 23, 2011

reader's choice

hey hey!

if you guys remember, i purchased this skirt a few weeks ago & now i am asking your opinion. i threw together a few trial outfits and am wondering which one is bestto wear to work on sunday.

*** outfit will be worn with a cardi or my black leather jacket, seeing as the weather is unforgivingly chilly

let me know which is your favorite!

other bloggers sporting this blue hue : afterDRK, The Blonde Salad & Sterling Style. don't you guys absolutely love their blogs as well? i confess, i check them daily!

February 22, 2011

their debut

hello! since a few readers showed some interest in wanting to see how i would wear these babies, i thought i would show you what i wore to work today & how i styled my new shoes....
what do you guys think?

i know, i know. you can't even see my shoes...but they were the perfect height to wear with my wide leg trousers
i basically always wear this necklace. and thought my colorful two-finger parrot ring from forever 21 went pretty well with my salmon tops

February 21, 2011

head over heels

i must add these to my ongoing lust list, as they are marvelous.



i most certainly did not rush over to zara.com

and no, they did not have them in stock

hmmm, is that a sign?

February 20, 2011

my lust list

blunt bangs
 via -sorry, i lost the link : / & via

dark wash trousers
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braids, of any kind
via & via, sorry i lost the link here too : /

panama hats
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what's on your lust list lately?

February 19, 2011

good intentions gone bad

my intention this month was not to shop and to, well, save my money. wait a minute, isn't that my intention every month?

anyways, i pretty much flushed that down the drain here when i shelled out 200 shekels (about $50). but! as i wrote, (and im not just justifying spending) i really do think a little shopping does the soul good. i have always loved shopping, even more so, finding a great deal, but when i moved to israel my gravitational pull toward spending money on materialistic things has intensified.

can anyone else relate? how often do you shop? do you have specific purchases in mind when going to spend?

the other day after work my co-worker, Galit, took me to this little boutique called SOHO near our office and i was blown away at how "special" each item was. there was everything from sheer pale, detailed blouses to sexy, sparkly minis to chunky boots and lacey one-of-a-kind handbags. i know that this is the concept of a boutique, but this one is known for being tucked away in this remote little shopping center and for being very "well priced." luckily for me, i had given my credit card to boyfriend to hold so i wouldnt make any slip-ups and i only had a 50 shekel bill ( about $12) in my wallet. now, my plan was not to buy anything and just to browse so when next paycheck comes in I would know where to come to pick up a cute, new top. but, I found these:

i wasn't drawn to them immediatly. it wasn't love at first sight. but you know when you try something on and it grows on you and you start going through in your mind how you could wear it, etc...

so, that's what happened.

and then the sales woman said they were 50 shekels and i was sold.

do you love them? hate them?

February 16, 2011

I love Sex

Can anyone clear up this little rumor? ?

I can't say I would love a prequel, but I can say I would see it.

Before moving to Israel, I had heard of the SATC series and seen maybe like 10 minutes of one of the episodes. A few of my best friends suggested I get one of the season's DVDs to take to Israel to keep myself occupied during expected boring times on the kibbutz-- and what did I do? Bought the whole 6 seasons. Now I love Sex!

I became addicted with the show and loved the punchlines of each episode. The show is one you can literally watch time & time again.

So this evening, while waiting for Dekel to finish at the pharmacy, I was poking around in the bookstore - on the one tiny little shelf with English books- and found this:

"Meet Carrie before Sex & the City"

I, like the parrot I am, was immediatly drawn to the shiny, gold paperback and didn't need to think twice before buying it. Even though my study schedule leaves me no time for pleasure reading, (only pleasure blogging, of course) I'm sure I will get through the 389 pages in no time.

February 12, 2011

a little shopping does the soul good

added a few new pieces to my wardrobe. can't say that they were needed, but a little shopping does the soul good and i chose items that i plan to restyle in many differnt ways. picked these up at a store called Road 26, which is across from one of the malls in haifa. the store is sort of like the equivalent to a forever 21 in dallas, but a little more expensive and definetly not as large or fun.

 high waisted nautical skirt
 salmon colored dry fit tank
 another tiny way for me to incorporate this trend
 a billowy, floral crop-top with front zipper, which i figured i could wear with a longer tank underneath and pair it with jeans or even tucked into a pencil skirt for work

 i wore it to dinner with a red tank, blk tights and these boots
 gold cuff that my family sent me for my birthday and a white flower ring from twentyfour seven
 bff necklace with my favorite peace charm that i received as a gift for being one of the maids of honor at my best friends wedding, posted about here

you guys think i picked some winners?

February 11, 2011

my little appetite

it's about 17:30 (yes, i have gotten used to thinking in military time) and i'm already dreaming of dinner which we will have in about 2 hours. we are headed to dekel's family's house tonight for a big shabbat meal. i am hoping there will be the usual soup with carrots, squash, dill, potatos and chicken as the starter. then a main course of schnitzel  and / or baked chicken with sweet teriyake sauce that his mom has been serving lately, which i love. and let's not forget the million little salads that are scattered across the table, such as avacado salad, green salad, spicy roasted peppers, egg salad, etc....

i'm hungry to say the least.

anyways, i was wasting time on etsy and found this little shop. little is an overstatement, more like miniature shop. i don't think it get's any cuter than teeny tiny wearable foods. i wouldn't wear them, per say-- but i can still think it's a way cute idea. plus, the seller is from israel which is double thumbs up.

some of my favorites:
falafel necklace, with all the toppings
 macaroon rings
 watermelon earrings; of course i would have to add some salt-- anyone else salt their watermelon??
 licorice pins; strictly cherry though
 avacado earrings

February 10, 2011

over the hills

Was anyone as obsessed with The Hills as I was? I loved LC, Whitney, Audrina and LO... from what I saw of her. I stumbled across the cutest photo of LO day shopping, or whatever celebs do, over at The Vogue Diaries, here, and kinda got swept away thinking how fun it would be to jet off to LA's warmer weather and wear such a simple, yet comfortable outfit like this and just stroll the streets.

 * All items found via NET-A-PORTER

who's with me?


i tend to get the prints of leopard and cheetah mixed up a bit.
if someone could explain the obvious differences to me, it would be welcomed.

anyway- leopard / cheetah (faux, of course) is a trend i am seeing appear and reappear all over the blogosphere and in flesh & blood. even here in the homeland. i am loving it and eating it up, slowly but surely. see my first miniature puny attempt at incorporating this trend into my wardrobe here.

the following photos are just too great not to share:
 i know the focus of this post is animal print, but man! that killer jacket!