February 16, 2011

I love Sex

Can anyone clear up this little rumor? ?

I can't say I would love a prequel, but I can say I would see it.

Before moving to Israel, I had heard of the SATC series and seen maybe like 10 minutes of one of the episodes. A few of my best friends suggested I get one of the season's DVDs to take to Israel to keep myself occupied during expected boring times on the kibbutz-- and what did I do? Bought the whole 6 seasons. Now I love Sex!

I became addicted with the show and loved the punchlines of each episode. The show is one you can literally watch time & time again.

So this evening, while waiting for Dekel to finish at the pharmacy, I was poking around in the bookstore - on the one tiny little shelf with English books- and found this:

"Meet Carrie before Sex & the City"

I, like the parrot I am, was immediatly drawn to the shiny, gold paperback and didn't need to think twice before buying it. Even though my study schedule leaves me no time for pleasure reading, (only pleasure blogging, of course) I'm sure I will get through the 389 pages in no time.


Cupcakes and Cosmopolitans said...

The book the came out last Spring I believe, I read it over the summer, finished it in like two days. I am waiting for the 2nd one, hopefully there is a 2nd one. Its a super easy read, your going to like it.

PS: My book's cover wasn't like this, but pink.

PSS: Did you wear your navy skirt yet?


Miyan said...

i am glad you liked the book, I'm sure it will go fast for me too! (time permitting)

i think her next book should be out this year (?)

have not worn the blue skirt yet, but will post when i do :)

Veronica said...

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Anonymous said...

yeaaa i don't know how i feel about blake playing young carrie. i just can't picture it. but what do i know?

and i think you've inspired me to pick up a copy of the book :)

Anonymous said...

I heard there was going to be another SATC movie!

Anonymous said...

That was from me (dandi) Miyan!

krisandkel said...

That book is SURE to be a good read! You'll have to tell us how it is :)

<3 kris&kel

Ms_SyllyBee said...

I LOVE this show! tell me how the book is... :)

i wander, i wonder

jade said...

I am really interested in this book, too. I haven't bought it yet, but it's on the list. I also heard they were making a tv series out of it, too. Blake Lively as carrie!!