February 23, 2011

reader's choice

hey hey!

if you guys remember, i purchased this skirt a few weeks ago & now i am asking your opinion. i threw together a few trial outfits and am wondering which one is bestto wear to work on sunday.

*** outfit will be worn with a cardi or my black leather jacket, seeing as the weather is unforgivingly chilly

let me know which is your favorite!

other bloggers sporting this blue hue : afterDRK, The Blonde Salad & Sterling Style. don't you guys absolutely love their blogs as well? i confess, i check them daily!


Anonymous said...

numba twooooooo. it's so miyan. therefore i love it.

Lindsay With An "A" said...

Loving #2 the best! :) Either one will look fab though!


Anonymous said...

super loving....all of them. how awesome that you have so many options with this one skirt. i really like #2 and #4.


TOPCOAT said...

I actually vote for number 1, because I love stripes and I think it looks best xx

Gabriella said...

Number one or two! x

Anonymous said...

Def no 2...or 3...I can't decide...maybe 2!

Love DK!

chels.e. said...

# 2 is my fave, but #3 would look pretty kick-a*s with a leather jacket!

Anonymous said...

im LOVING #3! i love graphic tees though ;-) hot shade of blue!

<3 megan

Anna Katrina said...

i love the blues

stop by sometime<3

Riz said...

Definitely digging #3. Always down for some juxtaposition.

Nadine Flatt said...

nr three looks so lovely!

modern.girl said...



Anonymous said...

i love how you mix and match your skirt!


Cupcakes and Cosmopolitans said...

2 & 4