February 10, 2011

over the hills

Was anyone as obsessed with The Hills as I was? I loved LC, Whitney, Audrina and LO... from what I saw of her. I stumbled across the cutest photo of LO day shopping, or whatever celebs do, over at The Vogue Diaries, here, and kinda got swept away thinking how fun it would be to jet off to LA's warmer weather and wear such a simple, yet comfortable outfit like this and just stroll the streets.

 * All items found via NET-A-PORTER

who's with me?


krisandkel said...

I was certainly a fellow fan of The Hills! That purple bag goes incredibly well with her outfit! I love your choices, especially the shoes!

Oh and yes, I want to go to LA with you :)

<3 kris&kel

TOPCOAT said...

I love The Hills! And I am coming with you to LA in a heartbeat :)
I really love Lo's Balenciaga in her look, xx


Oslo by fashion said...

i was obsessed with the hills, and even watched the show since laguna beach!

AA said...

i love this!



Anonymous said...

LOVE the Hills. Love Lo and LC. and yes, LA, lets go.

and I really want the shoes you found for Lo's look.