February 9, 2011

copy cat

I am: trying to occupy myself after a week of being home, sick
I think: i have it pretty good
I know: that i will go (fly) far in life
I have: the most wonderful relationships with my family & friends
I wish: i would win the lottery
I hate: being chapstick dependent
I miss: playing golf
I fear: death of a loved one while i am overseas
I hear: grey's anatomy on tv
I smell: nothing; i'm pretty clogged up
I crave: stuffed crust, extra cheese pizza
I search: for my place in the world everyday
I wonder: where we will build our home
I regret: wishing i would get sick last week
I love: rich culture
I ache: all over
I am not: lazy
I believe: that education and motivation are the keys to success
I dance: rarely; damn i need to get out more!
I sing: in the car; i was not blessed with a singing voice
I cry: to let it all out and i think it's healthy to do so
I fight: when i have reasons (or when i am emotional)
I win: when i'm right, because i don't back down easily
I lose: my keys everyday
I never: leave the bed un-made
I always: sneeze when i use pepper
I confuse: names and words in hebrew often, quite embarrassing
I listen: to the news in hebrew to try to understand
I can usually be found: planning things and making to-do notes
I am scared: of arachnids
I need: to study more
I am happy about: seeing him tonight
I imagine: i will order a pizza for dinner


Vivian said...

I LOVED reading this list! It's always fun to learn more about your favourite bloggers :)

Get better soon! xx

Mimi said...

I'm sorry your sick! This is a very honest post, hope you feel better and enjoy your pizza for dinner;)

Aesthetic Lounge

Anonymous said...

a big huge yes to the stuffed crust, extra cheese pizza. i haven't had that in years! totally forgot about it to be honest...good thing too, my hips thank me i'm sure.


Anonymous said...

p.s. i totally copied you and filled in the blanks on my blog :)

Brunch at Saks said...

New to your blog- adore it!

I loved reading your list. I sing in the car too, even though I'm sure it doesn't sound pretty!

Hugs xoxo

Becca. said...

loved reading this!

thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

Rachel Lynne said...

very cool list! I want to make one! hope you get better soon :)

Rachel Lynne


Lula said...

This is so fun!! I need to study more to. But whyyyy when blogging is so much more delightful. WHY?!