July 27, 2011

six places

1. amsterdam, see you in september & again in october =)
2. dallas. home is where the heart is.
3. thailand. i gotta go!
4. austrailia
5. mexico, see you in october.
6. santorini. or greece in general.

next up: five foods

July 25, 2011

seven wants

1. pretty kitchen aid mixer
2. a pet
3. michael kors watch
4. chunky leopard heels. these are perfection
5. house of harlow starburst ring;
it's been on my wishlist foreva!
6. fresh cut & color

7. more free time to do what i want / love

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July 24, 2011

eight fears

1. that i we never settle down & buy a home
2. that something will happen to them while i am living across the world. my family, my friends, my pets.

3. a tire blowout when i am by myself
4. spiders
{i could not oven post a photo of one because i was so freaked out}
5. that things will change between us when we make the move

6. war on israel
7. sea creatures
8. heights

wow- this took a long time for me to post.
this is way more challenging that i thought.
try it, i dare you

next up : seven wants
*that should be a lot easier  :)

July 19, 2011

nine loves

1. infinity pools

2. cheese
3. ombre
 4. white wine; specifically two vines : gew├╝rztraminer. try it.
5. the beach
6. breakfast
 7. cobble stone pathways
8. cafeteria food (pictured: fried okra + heinz 57 sauce)
via & via
9. lemon sorbet

up next : eight fears

July 17, 2011

ten secrets

i can thank my dear friend marli for inspiring me once again.
she is a fantastic friend & an amazing blogger and she never fails to provide inspiring material that makes me want to copy her =)

1. if i thought i could get away with it,
i would highlight my hair pink
 2. i am terrified of having babies & still havent decided if i even want to bring one / them into the world & i sometimes feel guilty about that
3. i have a pen pal
4. i have a differnt personality in hebrew

 5. i used to smoke

6. my boyfriend & i are about to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure which i have told no one about
7. i color coordinate my closet, but that's about the only thing i am meticulous about
8. i drink some beer or a glass of wine or champagne almost every night
9. i remember playing dress-up in my grandmother's jewelry with my cousins when we were little & picking out the pieces i wanted her to will to me
10. i am more outgoing, friendly, curious & couragous now than i have ever been in my life and its liberating

i dare you to take this 10 day challenge  =)
it's a lot harder than i thought it would be!
up next : nine loves

July 16, 2011

simple summer dinner

in between studying for my next examcoming up on wednesday in behavioral sciences, i painted my nails, caught up on the amazing race, cuddled with dek and decided a simple summer dinner was in order. i dressed myself, because i was literally lazying around in my underwear, and went out to buy some greens and loaf of fresh french bread. after seeing this post, i knew i wanted to make little toasts and top them off with seasoned avacado and have a lemony salad on the side. the recipe called for crab meat, but since its hard to find here i skipped it and the toasts were still delish and light.

summer dinner ingredients; excluding the flower, he was for decoration  =)
sliced avacado seasoned with garlic salt, salt,
pepper & lemon juice
 mini toasts with avacado
 summer salad with spinach, feta, baby tomatoes & roasted pine nuts topped with lemon juice and a splash of red wine vinegrette

what do you whip up for an easy summer dinner?

July 13, 2011

santorini over statistics

i should be studying for statistics...but i have santorini on the mind. these pictures have left me desperatly wanting to move travel to greece.
photos via, via & via

have you been?