July 11, 2011

cool it

i posted here about the sharky tea infuser, but how cute are these sharky ice cubes? well i guess they are not cubes...
but you know what i mean!

and how about these frozen smiles?
that would get some laughs...

these would be fun for parties!

my friend dandi sent me the link. she found this via stumbleupon, have you heard of it? check it out here & get to stumbling! she sends me random shit everyday, it's seriously addicting to browse through the website =)


Anonymous said...

So...I am a dork and am completely obsessed with sharks. Seeing as "Shark Week" is in a few weeks I'm definitely going to be hosting a party. After I saw the shark fin ice cube trays on your blog you bet I immediately went to Amazon and ordered those puppies. Thanks :) Love your blog!

titaz said...

hihihi it's cute. i see it some like that in Singapore while i'm visiting Ikea :)

nice to meet u :)
from jakarta with love,

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

These are so cute! I gave you a blog award, check it out on my blog :)


Fashion Fractions

Tamara said...

I always find the funnest things via stumbleupon! this is suppper fun, love it!


Mal said...

I love fun ice cube trays! I have some space invaders ones that always get a laugh from guests.