July 9, 2011

attention grabber

dekel and i are getting more & more antsy to fly to dallas (and amsterdam & mexico!) in two months and two weeks - yes, i am counting down- and we are thinking of all the little things we will want to buy for this travel adventure. like neck pillows, luggage tags, miniature toothbrush/paste, face wipes, lotions, etc...
but i found the perfect boarding pass/ passport holder so i can cross that one off my list =)

can you suggest any necessary items for traveling?

im thinking i will want to find a cross-body bag as well, to keep my hands free for suitcase carrying and hand holding. thiiiissss caught my attention & im sure it would get me stopped at the airport. just thought it was pretty funny (as long as there's really not a weapon in there!)

1 comment :

MollMan said...

neck pillows=over.rated
toothpaste=your mommy (or we) will have
toothbrushes=yes please
face wipes, lotions, etc= $ sto

necessary items for traveling?
for you- aloe
for dekel- short shorts =)