May 31, 2011

fast motion

it's been a hectic week & it's going to get even more hectic, in a good way! next week my best friend & her hubby are coming to stay with us for 2 weeks! we are super excited and gotta clean the house and run some last minute errons. i love that because my bestie is coming to visit i have a reason to buy new wine glasses. ha!

date night outfit: j.crew top, tnt skirt and target sandals
fun earrings found at a market here & forever 21 ring
new target sandals (thanks, mirelley!!!)
 grow, hair! grow!
snacks while we drink
 cocktail special of the night :
leechi martini made with peach vodka, sprite and lemon
& i ordered an extra vodka shot on the side :)

May 28, 2011

im a leader, yet a follower

i like to think of myself as a leader.
however, when i see something i like, i follow.

this particular tucker for target dress has not been available on for some time now and i knew i needed it in my life after seeing taylor from sterling style wear it here & here and kendi from kendi everyday wear it with bright pumps and a cute cardi, here. i could just see it fitting into my closet nicely and i was already imagining the way i would style it to work and on weekends. in other words, i had to have it! i found it on ebay but not in my size and kept checking back weekly. i finally found it one night when browsing online and bid on it for $21.00 and won. $21.00 - i still cant get over it! loving ebay even more than i did when i won some of these items.
but i guess i can not go online shopping for every piece of clothing i love that i see another blogger wearing or i would be instantly clicking "buy" on these items as well :
skirt: seen here
wedges: seen here
belt: seen here
bag: seen here
vest: seen here

who are your favorite style bloggers?

May 27, 2011

he came bearing gifts

my dad just got back from the 30th medical scientific meeting in austin, texas hosted by the american pain society. this annual event is always in a different, amazing location & next year is in honolulu. totes jeal to say the least.

anyway- he acts as my personal messenger/ gift carrier when he travels back home to texas, for me to pass things to my family or vice versa. this time i asked my mom to locate, in my sadly abandoned closet, my perfectly destroyed abercrombie jean jacket from like the 9th grade because a jean jacket is the perfect staple in any wardrobe and i didnt bring it when i moved here because....well...i didnt think i would end up living here. so it arrived with some other goodies. like these hot new balance running shoes, as my nike shox from like 3 years ago gave me the world's biggest blister from this hike that i still have a scar from. it was definetly time to replace the sport shoes. bare minerals faux tan was needed, i like to keep a supply. of course they sell different brands of bronzers here in israel, but i fell in love with bare minerals, thanks to this girl. my sweet sister picked out a super cute op bikini from walmart (would you have guessed?!) and these adorable sandals from target in such a great shade of teal.

hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!  =)

May 25, 2011

im a thief

A. Age: 25
B. Bed size: queen
C. Chore you hate: filling up gas
D. Dogs: my sister's wild & crazy weiner dog back home, peanut
E. Essential start to your day: a cup of joe
F. Favorite color: i'll be 12 and say that it changes everyday.
i seriously don't have a favorite color
G. Gold or silver: for jewelry? it depends on what it is..
H. Height: 5'6
I. Instruments you play: none, unfortunatly
J. Job title: project manager
K. Kids: in the future
L. Live: in israel
M. Mom’s name: debbie
N. Nicknames: spy, my, yanni, beena, peets
O. Overnight hospital stays: nope *knock on wood*
P. Pet peeve: people who do not smile back, smacking while eating,
guys who do not open doors for girls
Q. Quote from a movie/show: "smilings my favorite" -elf
R. Righty or Lefty: righty
S. Siblings: i have many; two from the same parents who live in texas whom i miss more than anything!!!
T. Time you wake up: 7
U. Underwear: most of the time
V. Vegetables you dislike: peppers of any kind
W. What makes you run late: tv
X. X-rays you’ve had: teeth for the dentist
Y. Yummy food you make: chocolate chip cookies!
Z. Zoo animal favorite: flamingos

ps - would love to read your abc's!!!

pss - thanks marli for letting me steal the abc idea! lala!

psss - did you know that "ps" stands for "postscript?" 

May 21, 2011


the starfish bracelet.
loving it. needing it. going to make it. (as soon as i find a starfish!)

May 17, 2011

everything's bigger in texas

trucks. dishes. margaritas.


i like it big, but is it too big or does it rock?
unknown sources

May 14, 2011

feeling frenchy

i love breakfast. at any hour. on any given day. who's with me??

after reading this post & this post, i knew french toast was what i was going to make for 'breakfast'....even though it was one o'clock in the afternoon, breakfast is acceptable at any hour! here's a step by step to how i created my own little french toast breakfast.

what you will need: sliced bread (i had white, but it would be yummy with whole wheat, cinnamon raisin or even bread with grains and nuts), vanilla, egg(s), salt, sugar, cinnamon, powdered sugar, maple syrup and any other toppings you heart desires (i tried it out with chopped walnuts, coconut flakes and chocolate chips)

step 1: crack an egg into a flat-bottomed bowl
(i only needed 1 egg for 4 slices of bread)
 step 2: add a teaspoon of vanilla, teaspoon of cinnamon and a pinch of salt
 step 3: add a teaspoon of sugar (optional, but i like sweet!) & mix with a fork
step 4: cover both sides of the bread with the mixture
 step 5: cook on both sides until the bread is brown &crispy
step 6: drizzle melted butter, warm maple syrup and sprinkle powdered sugar
and other toppings on your french toast
 raspberries & blackberries on the side    =)
step 8: wash all of this sweet gooyness down with a tall glass of cold milk

  Enjoy, sweets!

you spin, you win

hello lovlies, how is your weekend so far?

it's flying by fast, but to slow it down for a night we went on a date to one of our favorite hot spots. it's a little cafe in ramat yishay called 'adela.' they serve salads, pasta dishes, and seafood & you have the choice of heineken on tap of a whole menu of wines to choose from. we always share a bottle of our favorite white, its from 'columbia- crest 2009 two vines: gew├╝rztraminer.' (we always just point to the name because who could pronounce that!) anyways, its delishious and if you spot it in your local supermarket, you should give it a try, chilled obviously.

so i took my new skirt out for a spin. literally:
i wanted to mix-match the prints a little, so i wore the skirt with my giraffe print heels
little munchies served at the cafe:
garlic & lemon olives and cabbage

glad blogger is back up & running...i was getting worried!

May 10, 2011

blue & white

today israel celebrated 63 years of independance! 

last night there was a cute little ceremony with singers, food and fireworks in the little village where we live & then dekel met up with friends for a "manly barbeque" & i curled up on the couch with wine and popcor to watch black swan. anyone seen it? i loved it, but i swear natalie portman had like a total of 10 lines throughout the whole movie. what was up with her not talking?

anyways, today we spent the afternoon at dekel's brothers house, grilling, eating, drinking and then eating some more. it's not like im used to where there are hamburgers and hotdogs and sweet tea and that's it. after the guys got the grill going, they put on skewers and skewers of chicken, wings and spicy hotdogs. after stuffing our faces with the first round, they begin round two. kebabs and meat patties with onion and parsley. my fav! then, unbutton your pants and prepare yourselves for round three. steaks. i kid you not, there was so much food and it was all delicious. along with all the meat there were tons of little salads, lettuce with lemon, eggplant slices covered with tahina, coleslaw and cabbage.

all in all, it was a great holiday and i was happy to be celebrating here israel's 63rd year of independance!

 my little star of david bracelet!

May 9, 2011

lust list

white out
punches of color
 lost link :/ sorry...
polka dots

i just got this flowy little number & need somewhere to wear it with a bright top tucked in.
maybe that means we'll go out tonight...   =)