May 21, 2011


the starfish bracelet.
loving it. needing it. going to make it. (as soon as i find a starfish!)


Anonymous said...

how creative! i wonder how people come up with this stuff!!! hope u had a nice weekend

Lilaanaa said...

so nice

Lindsay With An "A" said...

I know where you can buy one of those, in Nashville, TN! At a friend of mine's boutique (provided it's still there) Let me know if you want that info to inquire about it :) I love it, too!

Lindsay With An "A" said...

The place in Nashville, TN that has the starfish cuff is called "The Perfect Pair." It's an adorable shoe store, that has amazing jewelry, too! Visit their website for details, or call them to see if they could ship it to you maybe..?