May 6, 2011

and so it begins

i don't want to jinx myself, as i have not officially received the phone call or letter of acceptance to this year's MBA program at the uni, however i was invited to participate in the official program kick-off and be introduced to the professors and other students. of course, dekel was with me, and it is so exciting that we will be (hopefully) going through this process together. it will be challenging, but i am beyond excited that by my 27th birthday, i will be graduating with my second degree. wooo hoo!

anyways, so we treked it this morning to the uni to sit through some unnecessary ramblings by the school's head director, you know what im talking about, the stories of past students, the technical details and logistics of it all, yeah, yeah. blah blah. at least coffee and croissants were provided and daydreaming was allowed.

how nifty do we look with name badges? 

after sitting through orientation, we headed to the german colony near the port of haifa for a bite to eat in the sunshine. it was seriously perfect weather today. we lunched at 'garden' cafe and split a halloumi salad. i was first introduced to this salad about a year ago and it's soooo yummy!!! the halloumi cheese is usually fried and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and its perfect with the fresh, cruncy cucumbers and tomatoes with vinegrette. deliciousness.

tomorrow we have a few projects around the house to tackle, but relaxing will fit in there somewhere! :)

have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

OMG I KNOW WHERE YOU ARE IN THOSE LAST FEW PICTURES!!!!!! I have a pic of us thre!!!! So awesome!!!!!

mbenita said...

I loved this post!!! Reminds me of when we were on that street! i love you and am so proud of you :) kisses, you and deks have a great weekend!!!

le sorelle said...

wonderful photos! that salad sounds SO GOOD! i've got to find a restaurant close by that makes it.. best of luck to you!

sorelle in style

Elizabeth Saucier said...

love these photos (i'm a sucker for travel photos). i especially admire your braided hair!

Anonymous said...

you know...i'm not a beer drinker but that one looks pretty good...

or maybe i'm just thirsty for lemonade?

Anonymous said...

very cute photos! the last one is beautiful!

Anait said...

I would attend that university just for the view! I won't say Congratulations yet, but I am SO excited for you.....its just a matter of formalities and then it'll be official :) That food looks DELICIOUS. I love grilled tomatoes.

Happy Sunday!

25th Fabulous Street said...

Very nice post. I like the outfit and I hope all goes well for you!

Thanks for all your nice comments, I am glad you came to my blog.
As far as octopus photo comments...well, they actually always put them like that in front of the restaurant to prove they I fresh. So freaky i couldn't resist! :))))


Anonymous said...

OMG i know you totally got in!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYY! I'm not saying congrats until you finally post OFFICIALLY as i dont wanna jinx things! but im really happy for you!

i actually had never heard of halluomi cheese until i randomly went to this diner in cincinnati. they put it on burgers and i was intruiged and had it. it was so cool and such a different texture...i really enjoyed it!