May 4, 2011

trouser time

as opposed to hammer time? anyways, couln't give in to my temptation to make a purchase... (don't worry molls- there will most def (dog) be shopping when you come!)

i didn't go for the chosen hallelu items, yet for something more practial and work appropriate. (even though i would wear the hell out of those coral wedges to work!!) made a trip to an outdoor outlet mall thingy in nazareth with a few co-workers and hit up zara and found these navy blue babies. they are perfection. in length & in fit. (they baraly stretch) loving them. this is how i wore them to work today.

happy almost weekend!


Anait said...

Can I please have your hair???

Love the jeans. and the wedges.

Happy hump day :)


Such a gorgeous look!! I'm loving the top (fab pattern) paired with the skinny jeans! And the wedges are SO adorable. Hope you're having a fantastic Wednesday. xx veronika

Anonymous said...

WOW! Can you post a blog about the way you did your hair? It is AMAZING!
I am not sure who is flattering more- the trousers to you , or you to the trousers.
Love your blog!!

Anonymous said...

hot lady! love the trousers. I just got a similar pair and am pretty sure i'll be living in them all summer while at the office. I love the way you styled them!


The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Thank you for your comment :) I love what you're wearing! The trousers are great :)

And I agree with the first comment, you have amazing hair!

Anonymous said...

love your wedges and side braid!

HeatherClark said...

wow you have gorgeous hair! really jel