October 17, 2014

oh, snap!

dekel & i wondered over to snider plaza a few evenings ago to try snap kitchen
my friend, andrea- of loubies & lulu- made my mouth water with her recent post & i decided to go check it out for myself & try something yummy, healthy and fresh!

the choices were grand, think delicious options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, cold-pressed coffees, juices, etc & the place impeccable, from a sleek, modern design to super friendly staff. the whole experience was amazing and fun & i walked out with a few things to try. it was hard to choose, but for my first snap meal i went with the asian chicken salad & almon-ccino, which is filtered water, organic ethopian harrar dark coffee, almonds & sea salt! yum! the portions are pre-packaged so all you have to do is pick out a meal that speaks to you and decide if you want a small, medium or large portion. great if you are feeding a family (or want leftovers for tomorrow!). my salad is "one size," but it will definitely feed me for days, it was huge! 

what i'm wearing: 
necklace- forever 21, peach bralette- aerie, coral tank- h&m, rose kimono- random shop at the mall, pants- 'the diva' skinny khakis old navy, shoes- target mossimo 'kali' camoflage pointed toe flat 

 i thought it was funny that such a healthy concept kitchen is located right next to a donut shop :)
 so many selections!
 i'm trying this watermelon juice next time, for sure!
fresh goodness

i've been in bed with a stomach virus for the past 2 days (insert 'thumbs down' emoji here), but finally coming around to feeling like myself again and working on getting my energy level back up, maybe i'll strap my new nike's on and take a walk.

on that note, have a wonderful weekend!

October 13, 2014

twice in two days

dek & i love coffeehouse cafe, this past weekend we went twice in two days! 

we go for their delicious double lattes and end up sharing something amazing from their super unique menu, like the challah french toast sandwich, their lemon ricotta pancakes or fred's flatbread, which is flatbread topped with spinach, turkey bacon, aioli, tomatoes, eggs and mozzarella cheese...it's amazing! they even offer a pet-friendly patio so we took peanut for a little day trip with us :)

on saturday (tx/ou game day), greenville avenue pizza company celebrated their 7th year of business success with pizza & beer specials, live trivia and karaoke, which we went to be a part of and support. dek & i split ate most of our pepperoni, green olive and onion pizza and we washed it down with a fireman's 4 and a modelo. we sweat their pizza and meatballs, go try them if you haven't already...

here are a few photos from the past few days, if you'd like to see:

sunnies: ebay, purse: vintage neiman marcus, jewelry: market finds from israel, tank: target, jeans: delia's 'liv', shoes: target mossimo 'kali' camouflage pointed toe flat
enjoying my double sugar-free vanilla latte (& my view!)
fred's flatbread (which i accidentally ordered as "fled's fratbread, ha!)
headed to coffeehouse cafe again in my new tank that one of my besties, chelsey, gifted me for my birthday, necklace: sam moon, purse: MMS, skeletal ring: forever 21, jeans: old navy 'rockstar',
same setting, different day
took our little nut on a walk around the neighborhood, which he loved 
flashing our PIE shirts at gapc to show support for their 7th successful business year. cheers to many more to come!

have a wonderful week!

October 6, 2014

the great texas tradition

you know it's fall when the state fair of texas opens up!
we literally had the best weather over the weekend so we headed down to fair park with some friends, my sister & her bf to drink some beer and try some fried food :)

dek & i have been the last two years, but the first time we went we got there an hour before it closed, so everything was lame and it was the "end of the day" fried food, gross! & the second time we went we got rained out, like poured on, and had to head home after only being there for an hour! so, our texas state fair experiences recently have not been so pleasant, but this year was amaze. 

mirelle & i at the state fair of texas
  selfie with big tex
it was pretty crowded, like a "where's waldo?" moment..
 we tried the fried bluebonnet, a mix of cream cheese-filled blueberry muffin / scone mix, fried and topped with whipped cream, white chocolate morsels and blueberries. yum!
 group photo at the state fair 

have a great week, ya'll!

October 1, 2014

my mexican fiesta

i was on a high all weekend from such a great birthday!
it literally panned out exactly as i had wanted, so many thanks to my mom!

we got lots & lots of bbq from ten50, we had two margaritaville machines going, mixing margs with fresh squeezed lime juice and agave sweetener. we strung handmade decorations and wore sombrero hats. we even recreated this diy photobooth where we had some fun in front of the tripod that was set up. it was an amazing day lounging on blankets in the green grass under a sunny sky. seriously one to go down in the books for me! 

here are some photos from sunday, if you would like to see...
also, i will post pics from our photobooth soon!

getting all set up, our friend dandi came over to help & brought loads of mexican-inspired decor for us to use
a traditional kitchen pic with grams before the party got started
beautiful sunflowers from my friends diana & johnny
photobooth fun!
relaxing on the patio
  diana & johnny
 we brought peanut (back) and our friends katelin & philip brought their mini dachshund clare (front) for him to play with
 too windy for candles..but i didn't really feel like putting 29 individual candles on there anyway!
 opening gifts and cards;
thank you guys so much!!

dekel got me us a new nikon 5300 dslr, which we have been wanting needing for a while to replace our little digital camera that we felt was not satisfying our photography needs. so in love with it and i haven't even played with it yet! 
  baby isla under a sombrero, photo from marli
isla wearing a flower headband we made for her :)
sweet little cheeks!
sister pic  
 after the party, we hung out with our bestie molly and then went for pizza at her & her husband's pizza place, gapc, for some slices and beer
 basil & green olives
 after dinner we walked across the street to have a steel city pop, they are unique flavors of ice or cream-based popsicles and they are so yummy! i got strawberries & cream and mirelle got sweet tea

hope you enjoyed the post!
happy hump day!!

September 24, 2014

writing with the sniffles

home sick from work today with what feels like some sort of sinus infection. 
roughed up on sudafed & am about to perform a nasal irrigation on myself, super exciting things going on over here guys!

anyways, as i write this post, with the sniffles nonetheless, i am planning my birthday party coming up this sunday. i will be turning 29 and all i want to do is have a casual, fun party with my family and friends on the patio at my grandmother's house. that patio is where so many of my birthday's have been celebrated & i want to continue the tradition this year & throw a mexican bbq themed party. 

since trying out ten50 bbq here in richardson, (seen here on my instagram) i have been dreaming of having it again! their melt-in-your-mouth brisket with sweet, tangy sauce just can't be beat and i knew that's what i wanted for my birthday meal, so we will serve brisket, both moist & lean, chicken & sausage from there, we'll round up some sides of fried okra and maybe corn on the cobb or something and have the mexican twist be the margarita's that we will be serving right out of the margaritaville machines. 

below are just some inspiration photos i have pinned on my pintrest board & i hope to replicate some of these cute ideas into my party :)