May 28, 2013

a pop of pink

a brief update to show off my latest pink shorts.
bought them at old navy for $15 and don't want to take them off.
surprisingly, the go with a lot and they are so comfortable, it feels like i'm not wearing bottoms at all!

on another note, i got a promotion at work & will now be a shift supervisor at starbucks. 
i started training today & it seems like a lot of work, but i am ready for the challenge!

this upcoming weekend i will be with my girlfriends celebrating our friend, nugget's, bachelorette party. 
a strip club will be the highlight of the night & i've never been to one, i'm nervous! (have you ever been to one?)

wearing: bra: target, sunnies: market in israel, tank: random, shorts: old navy, purse: borrowed from sister, sandals: zara, white cuff: target, gold cuff: estate sale find


May 15, 2013

so different, yet so the same

blog post title from this song.

to say that i am happy to be home with my sister would be an understatement. 
we are seriously so close, the best of friends...and the same size. 
we love dressing up and taking photoshoots, so we did just that yesterday when the weather was 80 degrees and the sun was hot. now as i blog, its dark & raining out. 
oh, dallas weather, when will i get used to you?

i was wearing: hat: israel, sunnies: israel, necklace: gift from dekel, tanktop: marshalls, bra: goodwill (it was BRAND NEW with tags from target!), belt: goodwill, skirt: market in bangkok

i've never been to florida, but i had to have it! ($1.99 from goodwill, by the way...)

mirelle was wearing: headband: the jaime by that madonna girl, necklace: gift from her boyfriend, earrings: random, skull bracelet: made by mirelle, sunnies: bangkok, tank: goodwill, shorts: goodwill, spiked wedges: deena & ozzy from urban outfitters

dress: marshalls

May 3, 2013

herb garden

dekel & i love yard work, gardening & just being outside in general, so when i get a day off work we like to go over to my grandmother's house (because she has a huge front & back yard) & help her out with the hard stuff. 

tuesday was my day off  & it started off at the dmv, where dek had his driving test to get his american driver's license...which he PASSED!!! then we made our way to my grandmother's house to get to work. we sprayed unwanted weeds, dek got on the roof to blow the leaves off, we raked the leaves up & trimmed all the bushes. 

the following day i got off work at 10:30 (yes, A.M.!) & we still felt like gardening, so we dekel set out to plant some tomatoes & these herbs that we bought & use, but never got around to planting. we had been wanting to build an herb garden at my mom's house for some time now & we thought to create a pallet garden. I wanted to lean it up against the house for that rustic look, but after giving it some thought we decided it would be best to designate a place for our herb garden & plant them in the ground.

here's how we did it, if you would like to see...

my mom had the prickly bushes you see behind my family in the photo below removed, so this is the "before" pic:
from left to right: my aunt lisa, grandfather bill, grandfather genovia & bestie dandi
dekel used wood from limbs we had cut down from the front yard to make different sized logs to "fence" our herb garden. i don't even remember where i got the inspiration to do it this way, but it seemed like it would look good & we LOVE how it turned out!
 i love the uneven surfaces
 of course, we tilled & watered the soil days before planting
 we planted marigolds around the tomatoes, as they are a "beneficial companion" to the tomato plant
 we planted thai basil (left) & sweet basil (right)
 we also planted rosemary & mint
 these boring paper herb labels will have to do until i can make some cute ones. (i like these)
anyone have any suggestions?
 oh! & always used coffee grounds on your garden, as it adds nutrients