May 28, 2013

a pop of pink

a brief update to show off my latest pink shorts.
bought them at old navy for $15 and don't want to take them off.
surprisingly, the go with a lot and they are so comfortable, it feels like i'm not wearing bottoms at all!

on another note, i got a promotion at work & will now be a shift supervisor at starbucks. 
i started training today & it seems like a lot of work, but i am ready for the challenge!

this upcoming weekend i will be with my girlfriends celebrating our friend, nugget's, bachelorette party. 
a strip club will be the highlight of the night & i've never been to one, i'm nervous! (have you ever been to one?)

wearing: bra: target, sunnies: market in israel, tank: random, shorts: old navy, purse: borrowed from sister, sandals: zara, white cuff: target, gold cuff: estate sale find



MaviDeniz said...

I think you will have fun at the strip club. I love going, but only if I've had a few drinks, otherwise it can be uncomortable


Vanessa said...

Cute shorts!

And I agree about the strip club, have a few drinks first (but not too many!) and you'll probably find it quite fun!

Vanessa x