May 15, 2013

so different, yet so the same

blog post title from this song.

to say that i am happy to be home with my sister would be an understatement. 
we are seriously so close, the best of friends...and the same size. 
we love dressing up and taking photoshoots, so we did just that yesterday when the weather was 80 degrees and the sun was hot. now as i blog, its dark & raining out. 
oh, dallas weather, when will i get used to you?

i was wearing: hat: israel, sunnies: israel, necklace: gift from dekel, tanktop: marshalls, bra: goodwill (it was BRAND NEW with tags from target!), belt: goodwill, skirt: market in bangkok

i've never been to florida, but i had to have it! ($1.99 from goodwill, by the way...)

mirelle was wearing: headband: the jaime by that madonna girl, necklace: gift from her boyfriend, earrings: random, skull bracelet: made by mirelle, sunnies: bangkok, tank: goodwill, shorts: goodwill, spiked wedges: deena & ozzy from urban outfitters

dress: marshalls


JanM ♥ said...

The pink and mint outfit is my favorite! :)


MaviDeniz said...

I love that you shop at the thrift store! It's amazing what you can find there. You scored some pretty cool pieces :)


Vanessa said...

Great photos Miyan, and your sisters shoes are killer! :-)

Vanessa x