July 13, 2011

santorini over statistics

i should be studying for statistics...but i have santorini on the mind. these pictures have left me desperatly wanting to move travel to greece.
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have you been?


Anonymous said...

no, but i plan to visit you when you move there!

Kristi said...

Santorini is the most beautiful place i have ever been! You;ll love it when you get there Miyan (and Marli)!!

Anonymous said...

Paul's parents were going to take us and his sister and her husband there in October but changed our destination because of the turmoil.

I'm super bumbed about it! If you plan to go, say next summer, we'll meet you there!


Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

I'm Greece obsessed. I haven't actually been there - but I love the food and dream of visiting. Like you - a daydream of moving there is always a fun thought.

Michelle ;)

Anonymous said...

Not Santorini, but Athens + Mykonos. It was so amazingly beautiful. The water is even more deep blue than it appears in the photos, if you can believe it!