August 8, 2012

clicked home

just clicked home the nikon d3100 & can NOT wait for it to arrive!!!
i have been dying to own a dslr camera for a while now & i know it will bring such higher quality to my blog (and life!), so im super stoked!
i have so much to learn about photography & about the camera itself...

but what's a hot camera without a fashionable carrying case?
(just a hot camera, you say? hmmm)

i would really love to own this style scrapbook for kipling camera bag,
i just really dont love the price tag...
any suggestions for a cute, but under $50, camera bag??

ps- dont forget to enter my giveaway!!!

1 comment :

Mal said...

Congrats! Love my Nikon!

I have the ONA bag insert so any purse I have turns into a camera bag, I highly recommend it

Mal @ The Chic Geek